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Hi Everyone,

After taking a much needed sabbatical I am back in the office part-time. I am once again offering Bowen Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Healing, and Natural Healing Consults.

It’s great to be back and I hope to see you soon!

Peace & Blessings,


That Damn Onion!

Have you ever heard that the healing process is like peeling off the layers of an onion? Yeah, that totally sucks! Something happens, a loved one walks away, or we lose someone or something precious to us. It hurts and we cry, we isolate, we journal, we spend time with the pain. And slowly it loosens its grip on us and we breathe a sigh of relief.
Whew! That’s over!

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Depending on the depth of the hurt and how many other memories like it are still buried in there somewhere. Oftentimes, some little thing triggers the pain all over again. And we are seemingly back to square one. How could this be?

Because there is unfinished business in there somewhere- some leftover energetic residue. More layers. Maybe we are realizing a theme here. Does the same sort of thing happen to you over and over? Most of us develop patterns in our lives- negative patterns. And we can no longer ignore these patterns. “Why does this always happen to me”? This is where the real hard work comes in. We must look inside of us to determine the root cause, the errant belief system. We have to get really clear and honest with ourselves and it’s no easy task, but one that must be taken on head first in order to become self-aware. Only then can we be productive at changing those belief systems, thereby changing the pattern.

In my journey to heal, I have found that I move through it chapter by chapter (ie layer by layer). I will “get done” with a subject and for awhile, everything seems clear and released. Maybe months go by. Then out of the blue the same issue comes up, maybe with a different face, but the same flavor. And here I go again.

Is there any end to the layers of that onion? So far there doesn’t appear to be. But the truly wonderful thing is: for every layer removed we become better, less likely to repeat the same things over and over again, more self-aware, more confident that we will handle it in a much less dramatic way. More than anything I have found doing this work, is that I know who I am, I am much more confident, much less dependent on circumstances, and much more even-keeled emotionally- and that’s a relief for sure!

Abraham-Hicks says “we never get it done and we can’t get it wrong.” I would add to this- as long as we are doing the work!

My Most Valuable Tool For Living

I began my journey into Reiki in 2004. It was the most natural thing to me, as if I had been practicing it forever. I dove all the way in and spent years taking classes and practicing (and teaching for the last several years). I simply could not get enough.

For me personally, it was the foundation of my healing- physically, mentally, emotionally, and Spiritually. I used it to heal my past. I used it to give me courage and hope for the future (as I still do today). I simply will not leave the house without using it in my morning meditation ritual.

I use it on my food, my pet, my home, my workspace. I use it for safe travel. I send Reiki energy to ailing loved ones and clients. I cannot imagine my life without it. It truly is a gift and I honor it with all my heart.

I have had so much fun learning from various teachers with varying approaches to Reiki. I started my own Reiki circle with a group of about twenty or so weekly and we all had so many incredible healing experiences that we would share with each other.

As a massage therapist I was continually told that I do “much more than massage”. It’s true. Everything I do is infused with Reiki. It is in every breath.

There is no limit to what Reiki can do. I have lots of Reiki stories, I will share briefly my two favorites:
The first one just makes me so happy when I remember it. One of my Reiki students had parents that were elderly and both failing. We would meet at her parent’s house weekly to give them treatments, and they both loved it. You could see (and feel) their bodies just melting into a deep state of relaxation. You could see and feel their fears and anxieties release. The sessions were so beautiful to all of us. The cutest part was the father (both of them being on hospital beds) would stop the chitter-chatter as we came in saying “Let’s get this party started”! He was 91. They both transitioned in the most beautiful and peaceful way.

The second story, being the most mind-blowing (at least to me), is about a dear friend, only in his early 40’s, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Apparently, there was a very large tumor that had attached itself to the bladder wall. He was scheduled for surgery to remove the entire bladder.

Me and my friends began Reiki treatments on him in earnest. I worked on him everyday. Several Friends who were Reiki practitioners chimed in when they could, sometimes there would be five of us treating him at the same time.

The day came for his surgery to remove the bladder. When the surgery was over, the surgeon came out dumbfounded. The tumor had detached from the wall of the bladder and was simply simply removed from the bladder by the surgeon leaving the bladder completely intact! I would most definitely define this as a MIRACLE. Ten years later and my friend is just fine!

I strongly encourage EVERYONE to learn Reiki for themselves. Having access to it at any given moment is a precious gift indeed! It is my most valuable tool for living, and if life gets tough at any moment I know I can create the best outcome possible by immediately turning on the Reiki!

Love & Reiki Light,

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Reiki I- Reiki Master Teacher Training: Patricia Williams
Reiki in Medicine: Pamela Miles
various other teachers for CEU’s

Homozon- The Power of Oxygen


Oxygen is the most life-sustaining element. We cannot live without it and disease cannot survive in its presence. (if you don’t know this already, where have you been?)
If you are ill in anyway, I strongly recommend you read this article in its entirety.
I came across this product while I was not well. I did not exactly know what was going on with me but I knew it wasn’t good. I felt that my life energy was literally draining out of my body, and I was pretty sure that if I went the Western medicine route I would be worse off and missing pieces and parts of my body that I know are vital to my health and well-being.

So, as a researcher that is what I embarked upon: finding a natural and logical solution without harsh chemicals or removal of certain systems of my body. It was an incredibly tough, long, scarey road but I made it back to vital health without drastic medical interventions and I still have all my pieces and parts. I thank God and those angels that were willing to speak with me on the phone, explaining and encouraging me all the way.

Somehow (ie. the Universe) I came across this product I had never heard of and began researching it in earnest, from reading tons of articles, to understanding the chemistry, to talking with people that have made disseminating information about this product their life’s mission. It is called Homozon and was developed apparently by a doctor and my favorite physicist of all time, Nicola Tesla, back in the 1900’s.

The basics of how and why homozon would cure essentially anything is this: If you flood the body with AVAILABLE oxygen, disease cannot remain. The idea is that any form of disease cannot continue to exist in an oxygen-rich environment. It’s all about a chemical process called oxidation (or oxidation-reduction as my chemistry professors beat into my brain). So, again, the idea is that if there is disease in the body it can only be there because there is a lack of available oxygen. Nascent oxygen. I’ll let the experts take it from here for awhile:


Dr. Otto Warburg, the only person in the history of medicine to win the Nobel Prize twice in medicine (nominated three times) found that any cell deprived of 50% or more of its Oxygen turned cancerous! Because, the true cause of all disease is cellular degeneration and death the end result. Keeping the body and its components, the cells, in top working order is imperative.

There is no better way of detoxifying the body and thereby the system, organs and cells of the body than through enhancing the oxidative/reductive mechanism or as Dr. Warburg said, to literally “FLOOD THE BODY WITH OXYGEN.”

The most efficient Oxidizing agent known is Ozone. More than 100 years of scientific study and practical usage has brought this conclusion to the minds of many scientists, industrial experts and health care practitioners. Whenever true Nascent (free, available, active) Oxygen releasing preparations have been used properly in the treatment of disease, the results have been astonishing. However, Nascent (free, available, active) Oxygen in its gaseous form cannot be easily brought into the alimentary (digestive) tract for optimizing health; it can only do so if bound to other substances (minerals, water, etc.)

What Is Oxygen – Its Origin – Its Action?

Oxygen is the most important element of life. We find this life-giving element as molecular Oxygen in the air. A healthy body can inhale and transport enough Oxygen to maintain itself in good repair.

But, due to an ever increasing lack of, destruction of and polluting of the Oxygen (as well as food and water) in our environment, we see disease and suffering on the increase. An ailing body often cannot make use of Oxygen efficiently through inhaling either normally or artificially because in most cases the necessary biological carriers (minerals, nutrients, blood factors) for it are lacking.

Subsequently the Oxidation process falls short and acute. Chronic and incurable ills result. Fasting would allow the Oxidation of disease matter, but fasting is limited as molecular Oxygen cannot Oxidize quickly enough to eliminate all disease causing impurities or foreign matter (toxins).

Therefore in order to succeed, we need other Oxygenating or Oxidizing methods to eliminate the cause of disease. We make use of Oxygen in another form using other channels than the respiratory tract. Since the real cause of disease is located in the digestive tract and its organs, we therefore must deliver the purifying natural agents directly to the alimentary (digestive) tract.

Starting the detoxification or purification directly from that point, enhances the creation and circulation of normal vital fluids. Only, if the passages are clean, their composition pure and perfect, can we then expect a normal working body or that state we call homeostasis or health.

Oxygen-Therapy-Blass© and its basic preparations releasing “Nascent Oxygen” within the body

These Laxative and Anti-Laxative Alkaline Compounds are not poisonous medicines but life-giving and supporting elements. Oxygen is the most important element of Life. Everybody should be aware of this fact. It is the source of life and through Oxidation the universe is maintained. We find this life-giving element as molecular Oxygen (02 or 2 atoms in 1 molecule) in the air (about 21% by volume) and a healthy body can inhale and transport enough to maintain itself in good repair.


A German Chemist discovered and perfected a preparation which proved by practical tests, to be not only a purifier of the alimentary tract but also to release Nascent (free, available, active) Oxygen that follows the channels of the vital fluids. In fact, this Nascent (free, available active) Oxygen is carried by the life circulating fluids throughout the whole body. This enables the ailing body to help itself back to a purified state and a restoration of normal Oxidation. A private, proprietary process is used with alkaline earths to obtain these compounds.

The chemists who discovered these compounds found Oxygen could be bound together by electrical discharge to form Nascent or Singlet Oxygen. Unlike the O2 that we breath. Nascent Oxygen is O1, O3, O4, O5, O6 etc. up into the O20’s. It is Nature’s most active purifier and destroyer of bacteria, germs, parasites and worms. In it’s Nascent (free, available, active) form, it is the most powerful Oxidizing agent known and available for healing purposes. Over the last 100 plus years nascent oxygen has been found to be effective in many applications from industrial and municipal water purification to blood purification and full health optimization at home and abroad.

So, back to my personal experience with Homozon: It comes in a white powder that you add to water. then you follow it with lemon water. This lemon water apparently pops off the Magnesium, allowing the body to be flooded with nascent/singlet (aka highly available oxygen). You are flooding the body with natural, available oxygen directly to your digestive system. Be sure you have time to be at home to do this because it is rather dramatic in its effects. Homozon will completely liquify your stool. Know this ahead of time, and know that it is not pathological diahrrea, which pulls fluids from your intestines and results in dehydration. It liquifies your stool through a healing biochemical process, which DOES NOT cause dehydration and is perfectly safe. Your body will, through the digestive tract, rid itself of toxic “crap” of previously unknown and rather shocking “stuff”.

There is no doubt in my mind that Homozon saved my life. As I said, I really had no idea what was going on with my gut but I instinctually knew it was bad. My digestive tract was not working properly at all, I had massive bloating and three pinpoint areas of extreme pain. I won’t go into detail but within the fist few weeks of taking maybe a teaspoon of Homozon/day, it flushed out what I’m sure was many years of “stuff” out of my digestive tract. My digestive processes eventually became clear and normal, my energy revitalized, and the pain disappeared. It took several months and was not an easy or comfortable process for me. It took a lot of “guts”, but one thing I am sure of is that I took 30 years off the age of my gut and probably added many healthy years to my life. I am very thankful to be able to say that I am extremely healthy today and have been for a couple years now!
~Here’s to Healing Naturally!~

Learning Self Love- Part I

woman at moonrise with arms about head formed in the shape of a heart

This morning reading another author’s words I stopped in my tracks for a moment.”…nor will I waste my energy on engaging with anyone who does not make me feel happy, worthy, equal. I have waited far too long”. THAT is exactly why I chose to start writing blogs. I am sixty-something. And although I am super thankful to know what I know now and to be the perfect me that I am now, I certainly can’t help but wish I could have gained this knowledge of Self Love while I was still in my 30’s.

So. With sharing my knowledge, my wisdom, my experience- my journey to Self Love especially- I hope to help you all do so at a much younger age with a whole lot less trauma along the way. So, if you are joining me here and I hope you do often, you will hear a lot about Self Love from lots of different ways as everyone will resonate with a different approach.

Unfortunately, most of us were not taught Self Love in our formative years. You cannot teach what you do not know. I hope to help you get there sooner and then you can help you children get there even sooner than you did. Can you see where we are going with this? Can you imagine a world where children are taught self love? Can you imagine the quality of relationships that they will have? Can you see how well-balanced and functional they will be? Not to mention compassionate towards others who are not there yet? What a beautiful world it will be! But you can’t get them there unless you have already taken that journey.

Sharing what I have learned, I hope to shorten your journey to Self Love so that you can have an entire lifetime of happiness and quality relationships So where do we start? At the beginning…

First, you have to start inquiring about what you believe to be true about yourself. Do you feel worthy of love? Real Love? Unconditional Love (meaning you don’t have to be this or that in order to receive love, you just being you is enough). Or are your relationships defined by how much you give. (and give and give), while not expecting the other to give in kind? Are you always assuming that other people know more or are better, more deserving than you? These are all red flags that you have some inside work to do.

It took me years to even realize that I always assumed that another person was more worthy than me in someway- YEARS! I did it in my personal relationships, I did it in my professional relationships and now that I look back on it, it is truly astonishing how I undervalued myself! WOW! I knew I was smart but assumed anyone I came across was smarter. I knew I had a great big heart but that didn’t seem to mean much on my own personal radar. Do you know how valuable a compassionate heart is??? My gosh!

So we go around giving, giving, giving not even thinking about receiving or maybe hoping that at some point we will receive love- FROM SOMEBODY ELSE. Ugh, those words today make me nauseous. In reality, if we don’t love ourselves we sure are not going to find it out there! One of the weirdest things (at first) about possessing Self Love is how people’s attitudes towards you changes dramatically once you’ve established yourself as lovable. It’s truly weird but I promise you when you get there, you will experience this.

Wounded people who do not love themselves only get “love” (not REAL love). respect or attention by force or by being a doormat. They bully you into looking up to them in one form or another. Others of us put ourselves last on a consistent basis. We bend over backwards to keep the peace or in an effort to get some affection, some attention, some recognition, some form of validation. We go around in various forms of victim mode, some sort of subservient mode because we do not on some level believe we are worth more than that. Much of this problem comes from being unconscious about our beliefs about ourselves.
It takes a lot of self-inquiry to even begin to know what we believe to be true about ourselves. Not to mention brutal honesty.

For me, it took a lot of brutality to get to the point of saying (and meaning) enough is enough. When I finally got there, I started doing something that I was not entirely conscious of. I started deleting people from my life. I learned that how they were behaving was not personal and that I did not have to take the meanness anymore. I was better off alone. And alone I did! Boy oh boy did I spend years alone. I decided I was not going to accept less than what I offered in any relationship. Nope! Not anymore! I had reached my tipping point, finally after all these years.

Spending significant time alone teaches you much about yourself and gives you great strength and fortitude. And, voila, one day you realize that you will never again have a bad relationship because now you are good with you. And that is a really good place to be!

We will have lots more of these conversations because nothing means more to me than helping you to get where I have FINALLY gotten! As always, I enthusiastically invite your comments, questions, and topics for discussion. I am here for you.
~God Bless~

My Garbage Disposal Rocks!!

(And Other Things a Single Sixty-Something Woman Knows)

As published in Elephant Journal:

I am not kidding you. You know those wonderful little tools that keep us from cutting our fingers off while chopping vegetables? Little metal finger guards? They are awesome for people like me that don’t know where their body is in space.

Well, as luck would have it my little finger-saver got away from me and down into said disposal (which I oh so love). After taking said allen wrench to free up the disposal, guess what? My garbage disposal slowly but surely ate it! Metal and all! I was stunned!

This is how it is being 60 something and solo. Small wins are HUGE! Gratitude runs wild! I mean who at 60+ has these significant wins? We do! And I am surely celebrating them today! Many of us solo gals 60 or 50 or 70 even, are rocking it!

I have gotten over my past, removed it from my present, I don’t do 9-5 anymore, I speak my truth authentically and without remorse, I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about what I think or say, and I do what I want when I want, and how I want.
Pretty damn cool, huh? Yeah, I’m digging it.

If you are not us, in that 60 something range, you might want to seek us out. We have wisdom, we have clarity, and we still have our sense of humor. And surely you will be there with us someday so pay attention!

We mow our own lawn, we make our own money (still), we heal our own bodies and emotional wounds. We count on and depend on NOBODY. We kayak and horseback ride, and cannot live without yoga, and we have a Spiritual practice that would knock your socks off!

We are rich with wisdom and experience, and there are loads of us who have not had our Spirit dampened by all the crap we have been through (those stories would curl your toes).

We have learned to leave our baggage behind. We know how precious this life is, how beautiful this world is, and we take great joy in squeezing every little drop out of the seemingly little things.

We have learned not to take our heartbreaks on the road with us, only the happy adventures we have had along the way. And our adventures are far from over!

I find I am more adventurous than ever. I don’t sit and wait to have someone to travel with me- I go! Fear and anxiety be damned! I am not done yet! Am I the one to go to a different country with a different language all by myself? Hell yes! I am still celebrating that victory!

We just get stronger and stronger from these experiences. They make us the powerful people that we are. So, if you are 30 something or 40 something, hang out with a 60 something and get charged up for the rest of your life!
~Just Getting Started~

See The Beauty!

I’ve developed a very healthy, happy habit that truly makes my every day better:
First thing when I wake up, I immediately start thinking of things that feel good, and I keep it going throughout the day. It truly makes the difference between an okay day and a truly inspired day. It’s developing a happy attitude, building happy neural networks that help me to be a more joyous person, having a more positive attitude no matter what is going on in my life today.

Things might truly suck right now. Maybe you don’t have a job, maybe bad things have happened recently. We all know how easy it is to remember those events, that heartbreak and start our day with revisitng that event first thing (oh yeah, I am broken-hearted/ have been mistreated, don’t have any income, or I’m sick) and the downward spiral begins. We cannot get out of a funk of any kind if we begin our day this way.

It may not be easy at first, especially given less than fortunate circumstances. But, again, it’s training those happy muscles. At first, for me, it was like forcing myself to go to the gym- unnatural as Hell. But if you stick with it you will find that there is a crack in that depression, that actually, you can feel good despite whatever is going on- if even for a couple minutes at a time.

Keep it going, keep it going, keep it going- and you will find the despair taking up less of your day and hope starts peeking through. Then maybe some real magic happens. You start attracting really nice things with no effort at all. Animals start coming around. Nice people start popping up. Nice things in general start happening on a more regular basis. The shift is occurring, you are getting better at this- creating a bit of happiness for yourself no matter what.

So, in hopes of encouraging you to do this, I offer this challenge: just for one day, carry a little notebook with you and write down every little nice thing that you consciously notice throughout the day. And I would LOVE to see your list! This could become contagious! And wouldn’t it be nice to have lots more happy people on the planet right now??

So, here is my list for today (and the day is only half over):

-super soft sheets!(OMG!!)
-amazing cool sleeping weather with the windows open (mmm!)
-my sweet dog snuggling with me in bed (seriously nothing better!)
-songbirds waking me up (I am absolutely in love with them!)
-the lightest spring air (fill the lungs!)
-the just barely warm Spring sun (delicious!)
– good food! (it’s a beautiful thing!)
-butterflies at breakfast (love me some butterflies:))
-nature walk (trees, colors, textures- I love textures-nature is amazing!)
-sea shells (can you say Sacred Geometry?)
-silence (it can really fill you up!)
-my dog rolling around in the grass (such Bliss!)
-the bluest sky ever!(how does that happen???)

Are you willing to take the challenge? I’d love to hear from you!

~Happiness Is Contagious!~

update: Evening is coming and I have more things to add to my list:
-the light off the lattice work is beautiful (and calming)
-the gentle breeze through the palm trees making them sway (ever so lovingly)
-my homemade vegetable soup is taking shape (yum- good for the body and the soul!)
-and looking forward to the full moon coming in my window (and reminding me that I am a child of the Universe and therefore important and loved.)
~Peace Out~

It’s All About The Fascia!

If you are physically hurt, if your body isn’t moving, if you are in pain, you need to know at least a bit about fascia so that you can get the right kind of work done with the least amount of invasive procedures and pain killers.

Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up.

Let me repeat that so that you understand the importance of fascia regarding the functioning of the body. It is NOT the bones that hold the body and its structures in place and functioning properly. IT IS THE FASCIA. Unfortunately this is not typically understood in Western medicine. It has historically not been taught in the medical arena. Doctors and physical therapists alike have not been educated on the functioning of this all important system.

The term fascia itself translates to the word “unorganized”. This is because when it was discovered nobody knew of it’s function. It was considered unimportant. Only the bones and muscles/tendons/ligaments were considered important to the structure and function of the body. NOT TRUE.

I tell you this because if you have a body part that is injured (for example, a knee or low back issues), you need to have the fascia addressed because this is what is causing the pain, lack of mobility or compression of joints or disks. Find a physical therapist that actually hands-on addresses the fascia in the surrounding tissue. Unfortunately, most times physical therapy is geared toward strengthening the muscles around the injured area. THIS MAKES NO SENSE and I will tell you why: If the connective tissue, the fascia, is restricted you are only going to restrict it more if you try to strengthen muscles before releasing the fascia (and you are likely going to do more damage).

Here’s more: by having the fascia worked properly many joint or disc surgeries can be avoided. Find a therapist that is trained in fascial work- a rolfer, a medical massage therapist, a Tom Meyer’s student (Anatomy Trains instructor and author), and some Bowen Therapists. You will be glad you did!

Starting Over From Here

Even if you were to lose everything today it would not be as devastating as you might think or feel. If you have succeeded at something, if you have amassed great wealth or status of some sort, you can do it again- much faster with much less trial and error, and therefore much less angst.

You now have knowledge and experience that you didn’t have before. You have tools that you didn’t have before. You are wiser than you were before. You are not starting from square one like you did. You are starting from where you are with what you know intact.

Abraham-Hicks says when we find that we have lost everything, even at an advanced age, we do not need to fear because we don’t have to start all over. We can start from where we are at right now. And right now I assure you you have massive tools that you didn’t have before. You have strength and knowledge and wisdom that you didn’t have before.

So start from where you are at today, use the tools that you have gained over time. Have courage in your knowledge and perseverance. You can do this! You know how because you have already done it! And it will be much easier this time because of the know-how, experience, knowledge that you have gained. And people can gain from this knowledge.

Maybe it will look a bit different, most likely what you know now is even more valuable, more marketable, more genius!

Give yourself time to mourn your losses but know that you are much more capable of doing again what you once accomplished, only in a better, more polished, and less strenuous way.

~You Got This!~

Healing From The Past

Most of us have experienced various emotional traumas in our past. The unfortunate thing is that often we carry these traumas into our present, even decades later. Carrying our “Emotional Baggage” with us is very detrimental to us, to our lives, and our relationships- even our physical bodies. Most of all it strips us of our potential to experience freedom and true joy.

Traditionally, psychotherapy has been used in an attempt to release us from our own ‘prison’. I did it- for way too long. This is what I have learned:
It doesn’t do any good to continually revisit those memories. It only serves to keep us stuck THERE. Why would we do that to ourselves? We are just digging those memories deeper and deeper into our psyche TODAY, keeping the wounds alive in our present making our present just as hurtful as our past. Continually regurgitating these traumas cause us to feel as if those traumas are happening to us today. Why would we do that to ourselves???

The only way I find revisiting the past to be useful is in the context of what it has taught me about myself- that I am stronger than I ever dreamed, that my sensitivity is my personal superpower, that I have more compassion towards others than ever before, and that I am formidable! I have finally found self-love and appreciation like nobody’s business! Outside of that, revisiting the past is useless in my opinion. I like today way too much!

How do you like today even if things are not exactly peachy? As Eckart Tolle says, stay in the present moment, not digging into the past pain or future which usually conjures up fear and anxiety. Getting truly into the present moment is a learned behavior.

Simple practices like enjoying the breath in and out that happens on its own, or absolutely loving the birds singing outside my window when I wake up in the morning, or enjoying the dexterity of my hands while I am washing dishes. Mindfulness- yeh, it’s a real thing. There is JOY to be had at any given moment if you just look for it with fierce determination!

Personally, I finally decided to eliminate my personal history. It served its purpose and taught me well. I don’t need it anymore. I am a completely different person now. The strength and wisdom I have gained is astounding. I have learned to love myself so well that I am only interested in the present joyous moment and how I can squeeze every drop of joy from it!

As always< I encourage comments, questions and ideas for more articles!

~My healing journey has ended. My free and joyful life has begun~