Bowen Therapy- How The Body Works

Bowen Therapy is based on accupoint theory and shiatsu (“finger point pressure”).  It works on the Autonomic Nervous System which runs most of the millions of  processes our human body runs (mostly without our awareness).  It could be named neurostructural re-integration.   It could be named bioelectrical/ biomechanical/ biochemical recalibration.  The name isn’t important- the effects of the technique ARE.

~The body knows how to heal itself~

Given the proper “signal”, the brain goes about resetting the body.  All distortion patterns get reset.  A new normal is presented.  For people with chronic issues, the body thinks that it is in the “right” state- that the current set points are correct.  This is often not the case. That is why painful distortion patterns or malfunctions in particular systems get stuck and become the “norm.”   The body’s “set points” need to be reset. For people that just had a traumatic event or illness, the process takes very little time at all- just remind the body “where” it should be with respect to certain forms or functions. This is what Bowen Therapy does- it returns the body to proper form and function.

Here is an analogy that may help: imagine how a virus scan works on a computer.  Something is wrong somewhere in the computer.  It is not functioning properly. Initiate a virus scan.  This virus scan systematically runs through each “drive” or section of the computer getting rid of unwanted stuff, stuff that causes the computer to malfunction,  resetting the computer to “homeostasis”, the original set point,  where everything functions properly.

This is exactly what Bowen Therapy does.  It resets the “biocomputer” so that any dis-ease or malfunction is removed and the body, the “biocomputer”, is restored to normal function.  Distortion patterns unwind, systems that were thrown “out of whack” get reset to normal function, and disease/dysfunction are eliminated.  When the body’s systems are normalized,  perfect form and function return. Vibrant health is the result.

The technique is  simple,  it’s noninvasive and IT WORKS.  Millions of people are happily moving around feeling WELL because of the 30,000 Bowen Therapists worldwide.

“The body knows how to heal itself. Visit your nearest Bowen therapist today- vibrant health is waiting.”