That Reiki Feeling

waterThis photo, if truly viewed, brings about a sense of peace- a sort of stillness and calm. But it is still filled with light and beautiful color.  So it is with Reiki.  Receving a Reiki treatment leads you into stillness, into yourself, creating calm at the same time filling you with light energy.  It is in this state, called “Parasympathetic Mode,” that healing occurs.  Healing of any sort cannot occur whilst in the midst of stressful emotions.  The body is too busy doing other things- it goes into “Sympathetic Mode”- the fight or flight response.  The brain starts shutting things down (like digestion),  stress hormones are running amuck causing rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, and panic-stricken thinking while other things are being ignored.  We can set ourselves or others back into Parasympathetic mode. A very simple way to do this is through Reiki treatments.  A few minutes of receiving a hands-on treatment and the heartrate slows, the breathing slows and becomes fuller, our thoughts fade away, and our body relaxes: Parasympathetic Mode=Healing Mode.

“Give yourself the gift of a healing Reiki treatment. It does the body, mind, & Spirit good.”