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The Many Faces of Bowen Therapy

I recently returned from another Bowen Therapy training class- this one was three days in Chantilly, VA. This is my eighth Bowen Training class in as many years. I’ve had three different instructors- all very different in their approach to Bowen Therapy (albeit the basic structure is the same). To be sure, all of them are astoundingly brilliant.
The fact that they all practice Bowen Therapy so differently is good news. At first I was frustrated, is this person using the correct approach or is this one? I tried both- with great success. Then along came Mr. Gene Dobkin. I have been waiting for years for him to come to the east coast again. You see he WROTE the Bowen manuals that I learned from initially. And I knew he had a lot more to offer than what he could condense into a readable format.
So, back to the good news: again, he did things very differently. Still the same idea, that if you find the right spot and send the right signal the body dutifully responds, resets, and heals. His “approach” and his touch were quite different. But more than that, his thinking processes regarding the body and how to read it, how to encourage it to respond quickly and in the most useful way, was clearly different. Way more “outside the box.” And I daresay, intuitive.
What I realized is this: Bowen Therapy is even more AMAZING than I realized. After this “Bowen Bridge” class to Neural Touch, I’ve realized there is no need to be boxed in by protocols. Working in this way gives me a better glimpse of what is possible. Those of us in the “biz” understand without a shadow of a doubt that the human body is completely capable of fixing what is diseased or dysfunctional. And with Bowen Therapy and the up and coming additions to it, we are getting a glimpse of where we can go as human beings using touch to promote health in one another.
Thank you Mr. Gene Dobkin for a wonderfully mind-bending class!
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