What if you didn’t have any love coming from outside yourself? What if you were all alone in this UNIVERSE, completely ALONE, and ill.
Seriously ill. What then?

That is when the real work comes in-again. Self-love on a regular day is a necessary practice for healthy relationships, but what about when you have no relationships and you know you may not survive this one?

Hopefully, if this is your situation, you have already done the work. Then you have a chance because you have the tools, and you’ve been using them regularly.

Because I will tell you it takes a very strong person to handle this situation. You need a very large toolbox, a big knowing of how strong you are, and hopefully an unwavering faith.

You will have to use all of your tools in earnest, constantly, and you will have to stay disciplined enough to not fall into victimhood (which most assuredly will make your health decline further). Can you do it? I don’t know if I would be able to do it but I’ve come close enough to get a taste of how hard it would be.

This is yet another reason we study, we fill up our heart with self-love, and we gather all the tools we can. The path of healing is not an easy one, nor is it finite.

With All My Love, I urge you to fill up your Spiritual toolbox!