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Why/How Does Bowen Therapy Work?

In order to begin to answer this question I have to explain a bit about fascia.  Fascia is soft, connective tissue that runs continuously throughout the body. (We will forego the discussion on duramater for now),  Fascia wraps around and criss-crosses EVERYTHING.  It’s like a stretchable fabric- somewhat stretchable in some directions.  Looks kind of like a spider’s web.  And as I said, it is CONTINUOUS  throughout the body- lliterally.  For example, some of the fascia that starts out on the left side of the head ends up on the outside of the right ankle. When there is a “kink” in the fascia in one or more places, the restriction can transfer to a completely different area.

So. It IS possible that a sore, stiff neck could have started from rolling the opposite ankle.  I know that is hard to imagine but it is the way it is.  It’s hard to imagine that as I work to get the neck unstuck your plantar fascitis can release but this is a very real possibility.  So, when you come to me for a neck problem and I am working on your tailbone- don’t think I’ve lost my cookies- just remember it’s all  connected!


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