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The Bowen Technique: What are we doing??

Simply put, we are releasing restrictions in the soft connective tissues in the body.  When there are restrictions in these structures nerves get pinched, joints get compressed or pulled away from their natural track, and subluxations occur.  This is what causes the pain and inability to function.  Once tensional balance is restored to these structures, evertything is allowed to return to a normal position thus eliminating pain and dysfunction.  Sounds and looks simple but it is not.

Understanding the complexity of the how these structures are interrelated is my endeavor, my expertise.  There are often layers of dysfunction that must be identified and “unwound.”  That’s my job and sometimes results are immediate, more ofthen than not it takes some time.

This system of bodywork is brilliant!  It is effective and efficient and most times a handful of weekly treatments is all that is required to achieve complete recovery!

I’m honored by the continuous stream of clients coming to me through word of mouth- that’s the best acknowledgement for my work I can get!  Not only that but if it weren’t for all the new clients coming in, I would put myself out of business! Thank You!