Case Study #1

Client presented with chronic pain in hip, back and neck due to disc herniations from car accident.  Pain has persisted for twenty years despite physical therapies and cortisone injections.  Pain  level was reported 7 out of 10.
First treatment revealed restrictions at both ends of the spine with a complex assessment of asymmetry.  These restrictions were released using the Bowen Technique with the client returning in one week.  The wait period between sessions is for two reasons.  First, it gives the body time to “unwind” the previously held restrictions, and secondly it gives the therapist a good understanding of how far along the treatment is by how long the client goes without pain and maintains symmetry.
On the second treatment the client stated “Better!  Good start”  Assessment during this session revealed one less layer of distortion- a much less complex distortion pattern.  The third session showed an even less complex pattern.  On the fourth treatment the client declared 80% improvement.  The fifth session was our last session as the client reported no pain or limitation the entire week and presented with tonal symmetry.  Maintenance treatments of approximately 6 weeks were recommended.
The client left stating “I can’t believe 20 years of pain was fixed in 5 weeks.”