Case Study #2

Plantar Fascitis

65 yr old tennis player with left heel pain for 6 months.  Client presented with left-sided asymmetry in leg length.  Restrictions were found at the right TMJ (fascial  lines cross the body from cervical to low back). Knees were not responsive to palpation. At the second treatment the client reported no pain for 5 days.  Some restrictions were released with additional knee and ankle protocols.  During the third treatment the client reported being sore after the last treatment.  She had been playing tennis with hard inserts in her shoes which we removed.  Visual assessment showed restriction in the coccyx. The coccyx was released and symmetry was restored.  At the fourth session the client reported no foot pain or stiffness.  Treatment was terminated as she presented with tonal symmetry.  She has had no further issue one year later.