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Client Testimonial 2/2021

Bowen Therapy is one of the most incredibly amazing treatments that I have ever received. The following is a text message that I sent to Penny Michaels who is my Bowen therapist after my third session with her:

Hi Penny it’s Jill T. I just wanted to thank you for helping to make me feel so good today. ❤️ I feel like a new person, the pain in my hip is totally gone right now, I hope I can keep it that way. I slept like a rock too. Bowen always does that for me, gives me a good nights rest and a deep sleep.

I forgot to tell you yesterday, after the previous Bowen treatment that the range of motion in my right arm and wrist has increased incredibly. For example if I bend my elbow and reach behind my back, my mobility is 10 times what it was. That is such a nice feeling and even being able to flex and bend my wrist is such a blessing.

Also after that previous Bowen treatment, I would periodically feel adjustments in my bones taking place, without even trying or barely moving. In fact yesterday when I got home and got out of my vehicle I felt an adjustment take place. Thank you again so much for all that you have done so far and I look forward to more wonderful things to come in the future!

I hope you have a blessed day my very talented and intuitive friend!❤

Jill T

** I would like to add to this conversation, that I also felt incredible changes take place and results even after my very first visit. In fact you see, even during the sessions I can feel openings being created in certain parts of my body and it’s almost as if though there is a rush of adrenaline that occurs within. I always tend to sleep better and very deeply after Bowen treatments. My nervous system seems to calm down and I don’t feel as tense and over anxious about things, in other words, I am at peace within myself. I’m sure anyone can relate that when you are in pain your body is always tense and all you can think about is your pain, so Bowen Therapy not only relieves the pain but also the tension and anxiety that comes with it that takes over your central nervous system. So in turn I am also able to think more clearly. The benefits that this treatment and along with Penny’s amazingly incredible intuitive talents allow me, are above and beyond. There are so many aspects of the treatment that allow the body to heal on many levels. I have been suffering for several years with this debilitating neck pain that was causing issues down my arms and into my hands and also back, groin, knee and hip pain. Penny has helped me to relieve so much of my pain, that at one point I was taking sometimes 4 to 6 Advil a day (prior to seeing her)and after my 2nd visit, I was literally able to stop taking the Advil all together.
It is so very interesting how Bowen therapy affects the body. At least for myself I can describe it as such. Sometimes after a session of treatment, my muscles will be very sore almost as if though I did an intense work out after not having done one for a long time. But the following day I will feel like an entirely new person and all my pain will be gone. Then I describe it as an unraveling. Before you can get your next session which would be seven days after words, I will feel the areas where I had pain come and go. Almost as if though they are opening up and then dissipating. I know it sounds strange and hard to conceive of, however it’s almost miraculous how this treatment works. I urge you not to hesitate trying Bowen Therapy treatment with Penny Michaels, you won’t regret it! ❤😊