Finding Gratitude

Gratitude is the emotion that I find absolutely the most useful of all emotions. It expands us, it lifts our heart, raises our vibration, and can bring us out of any funk or despair. It opens us up to the possibility of a better, brighter mood at the very least and perhaps a happier day, despite our current circumstances.

Sometimes we must start small- very small. Just the smallest positive thought, especially first thing in the morning when the day is still full of potential. This time gives us the best chance of improving our day before the negative thoughts and emotions take us over. Abraham-Hicks says if we can just start with 16 seconds of positive thinking, we can springboard from there and create our own personal “rampage” of positive emotion.

It does not matter how dismal our current life circumstances may be. Truly it doesn’t. If when we open our eyes in the morning, we train ourselves to think positive- maybe it’s as small as “my heart is beating”, “I love my bed”, or “it’s so nice my cat is curled up with me”. Simple things. Seemingly little things. From there we can train ourselves to keep it going in this emotionally upward direction, raising our vibration, giving ourselves at least the opportunity to have a better day. It’s like flexing our happy muscles.

Like any kind of training, it takes conscious effort, a bit of discipline or at least a positive attitude. Once we establish a routine even for a few minutes when we first wake up, we find that it takes hold. And lo and behold we find that little-by-little we are in less despair, our pain is more manageable, the doom and gloom is not as big.
At the very least it gives us the potential to experience life on a lighter note.

For me, magical things started to happen. I saw more beauty around me. I enjoyed my morning walks with my dog more. I saw bunnies and flowers. Then I didn’t hurt so much. Then people were friendlier. Then my circumstances started changing. My health improved. I started attracting more positive things into my life. My life started to morph into something more, something better. I noticed I spent more time feeling okay and more opportunities for healing and happiness opened up.

It does take on a life of its own after a while. I don’t even want to imagine where I would be right now if I hadn’t committed to this exercise. Certainly, I would not be as happy or as healthy or as prosperous or joyful as I am today. This is called conscious living or as some say, creating your own reality.

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful- start choosing them wisely!

~Happy Flexing!~