I Love The Law of Attraction

 I have dabbled in all kinds of Spiritual practices, from Hinduism to connecting with your Spirit guides, to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s metaphysical work to The Law of Attraction with Ester Hicks and Abraham and much, much more.

Abraham-Hicks is my go to for feeling better right now. Abraham is a group, a collective of nonphysicals that are channeled through a lovely woman names Ester Hicks. They are phenomenally popular world wide and if you ever go to one of their seminars I guarantee you will feel the really good vibe!

The premise of their work is that this world is based on what you think about you bring about- that there is no assertion only attraction. And what you think about creates your reality. You literally create your own reality. And as Ester/Abraham with “tongue in cheek” says,’ that sounds really good until you realize how you have been screwing it up’!
It is a huge responsibility to take on. Really? The Universe isn’t doing this to me? I am doing this to me? Whoa. One other interesting thing I will mention here is that they state that there is no “NO” in the universe. So if we go around saying I don’t want this or that, we are not repelling those things that we don’t want- we are attracting them. So we better start spending our time thinking about and talking about what we do want.

The thing I like most about Abraham-Hicks work is that they are ALWAYS uplifting, not too heavy and not too out there. They give love and practical advice. They are always encouraging us. It is never an emotionally heavy thing. Just listening to one of their talks on Youtube (about 20 minutes) while I am getting ready for my day or whenever I feel myself getting into a funk, can turn my whole day around. I have been listening to them for years and still quite often find myself digging up one of their “rampages” to raise my own vibration. As Abraham-Hicks always says “Nothing is more important than how I feel.”

~Thanks Ester and Abraham!~