Wayne Dyer On Spirituality

The one person I have come across in my research on this subject over the years that seems to be able to articulate clearly on this subject is Wayne Dyer. I will take pieces and parts from some of his books and others to give us “food for thought”. We can take what resonates with us and apply it to ourselves as we see fit because the bottom line here is that our spirituality is our very own. Nothing can be more personal.

Mr. Dyer writes in his blog “When we remember that we’re always connected to Source, we can summon the well-being of God. Each and every one of us represents God or Spirit revealing Itself here on our planet. Experiences of being in-Spirit are available to all of us. All of us emanate from a source of well-being.

During an interview called “Your Essence is a Spiritual Being” Mr. Dyer talks about the feeling of being separate, the feeling of aloneness. On this he states “Once you realize that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience then you are connected to everything and everyone.”
More to come…