Where the Attention Goes the Energy Flows

The Law of Attraction has been very popular for over a decade now. It is the idea that what we think about we bring about. And it is correct. Many of us don’t spend much time thinking about what we think about. Why would we bother doing that? We are all too busy to pay attention!

Wait a minute. Maybe we should think about this. Is it important to be aware of what we are thinking as we go about our day? Most definitely! That is if we want to have happy, fulfilling, successful lives.

Ester Hicks/Abraham, the founder of the law of attraction, at the basis of their work state that we are the creators of our own reality. Think about that word creation. By definition it is the action or process of bringing something into existence. What would you like to bring into existence? More of the same that has come out of your past or something different? Something better. Only you can do that, and you can do that!
This is what manifestation is all about. And we are always manifesting something. If your life is beautiful and happy in every area- keep doing what you are doing! However, if your life doesn’t look or feel so good in some area or another, perhaps it’s worth taking a look at how you have been thinking and feeling about this area of your life.

Let’s look at a couple of examples. Perhaps your physical health has not been what you would like it to be. Consider for a moment how you have been feeling and thinking about your body’s condition. Have those thoughts been fearful? Have you created an identity that you own about your physical body? Using the example of diabetes- when you talk about diabetes, do you call it my diabetes? Well then you have told your body that it owns it, that it is here to stay. Sounds harsh, I know. But the thoughts we think command our brain to create belief systems. What we tell our brain continues to manifest. This goes for anything and everything.

Let’s use another example. Emotions= energy in motion. What we tell ourselves about ourselves is the same thing. Do we tell ourselves how weak we are? Or unattractive? Or not as valuable as other people who have love and happiness in their life? Whoa. Why? Usually it is conditioning from the past. No matter. We can retrain our brain and therefore our belief system that we have created about ourselves.

I am not going to go into all the very valid reasons we have for thinking and feeling this way. That just keeps us stuck in that same repeating pattern. We want to focus on creating new patterns. It starts with self-talk. Changing negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Begin with paying attention to your self-talk. Each and every time you catch yourself saying anything negative internally about yourself-Stop! What even slightly positive thing can you say about yourself? Even the seemingly insignificant thing will do.

Consistency is important here. Just try to be consistently aware of how you are treating yourself with the dialogue you have running in your head.We are creating new neural networks in our brain each and every time we do this- whether positive or negative. Literally, we are changing our brain! Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work- he is popular on Youtube and his latest book, Becoming Supernatural, is transformational.

As one last example, I will use the manifestation of money and material possessions. Perhaps you grew up poor and have come to believe that that is the way it is for your life. Not! Use the same techniques to change what you believe about material abundance. It’s all about changing what we believe about this or that that matters. Start considering that the past does not have to be dragged into the future.