Homozon- The Power of Oxygen


Oxygen is the most life-sustaining element. We cannot live without it and disease cannot survive in its presence. (if you don’t know this already, where have you been?)
If you are ill in anyway, I strongly recommend you read this article in its entirety.
I came across this product while I was not well. I did not exactly know what was going on with me but I knew it wasn’t good. I felt that my life energy was literally draining out of my body, and I was pretty sure that if I went the Western medicine route I would be worse off and missing pieces and parts of my body that I know are vital to my health and well-being.

So, as a researcher that is what I embarked upon: finding a natural and logical solution without harsh chemicals or removal of certain systems of my body. It was an incredibly tough, long, scarey road but I made it back to vital health without drastic medical interventions and I still have all my pieces and parts. I thank God and those angels that were willing to speak with me on the phone, explaining and encouraging me all the way.

Somehow (ie. the Universe) I came across this product I had never heard of and began researching it in earnest, from reading tons of articles, to understanding the chemistry, to talking with people that have made disseminating information about this product their life’s mission. It is called Homozon and was developed apparently by a doctor and my favorite physicist of all time, Nicola Tesla, back in the 1900’s.

The basics of how and why homozon would cure essentially anything is this: If you flood the body with AVAILABLE oxygen, disease cannot remain. The idea is that any form of disease cannot continue to exist in an oxygen-rich environment. It’s all about a chemical process called oxidation (or oxidation-reduction as my chemistry professors beat into my brain). So, again, the idea is that if there is disease in the body it can only be there because there is a lack of available oxygen. Nascent oxygen. I’ll let the experts take it from here for awhile:


Dr. Otto Warburg, the only person in the history of medicine to win the Nobel Prize twice in medicine (nominated three times) found that any cell deprived of 50% or more of its Oxygen turned cancerous! Because, the true cause of all disease is cellular degeneration and death the end result. Keeping the body and its components, the cells, in top working order is imperative.

There is no better way of detoxifying the body and thereby the system, organs and cells of the body than through enhancing the oxidative/reductive mechanism or as Dr. Warburg said, to literally “FLOOD THE BODY WITH OXYGEN.”

The most efficient Oxidizing agent known is Ozone. More than 100 years of scientific study and practical usage has brought this conclusion to the minds of many scientists, industrial experts and health care practitioners. Whenever true Nascent (free, available, active) Oxygen releasing preparations have been used properly in the treatment of disease, the results have been astonishing. However, Nascent (free, available, active) Oxygen in its gaseous form cannot be easily brought into the alimentary (digestive) tract for optimizing health; it can only do so if bound to other substances (minerals, water, etc.)

What Is Oxygen – Its Origin – Its Action?

Oxygen is the most important element of life. We find this life-giving element as molecular Oxygen in the air. A healthy body can inhale and transport enough Oxygen to maintain itself in good repair.

But, due to an ever increasing lack of, destruction of and polluting of the Oxygen (as well as food and water) in our environment, we see disease and suffering on the increase. An ailing body often cannot make use of Oxygen efficiently through inhaling either normally or artificially because in most cases the necessary biological carriers (minerals, nutrients, blood factors) for it are lacking.

Subsequently the Oxidation process falls short and acute. Chronic and incurable ills result. Fasting would allow the Oxidation of disease matter, but fasting is limited as molecular Oxygen cannot Oxidize quickly enough to eliminate all disease causing impurities or foreign matter (toxins).

Therefore in order to succeed, we need other Oxygenating or Oxidizing methods to eliminate the cause of disease. We make use of Oxygen in another form using other channels than the respiratory tract. Since the real cause of disease is located in the digestive tract and its organs, we therefore must deliver the purifying natural agents directly to the alimentary (digestive) tract.

Starting the detoxification or purification directly from that point, enhances the creation and circulation of normal vital fluids. Only, if the passages are clean, their composition pure and perfect, can we then expect a normal working body or that state we call homeostasis or health.

Oxygen-Therapy-BlassĀ© and its basic preparations releasing “Nascent Oxygen” within the body

These Laxative and Anti-Laxative Alkaline Compounds are not poisonous medicines but life-giving and supporting elements. Oxygen is the most important element of Life. Everybody should be aware of this fact. It is the source of life and through Oxidation the universe is maintained. We find this life-giving element as molecular Oxygen (02 or 2 atoms in 1 molecule) in the air (about 21% by volume) and a healthy body can inhale and transport enough to maintain itself in good repair.


A German Chemist discovered and perfected a preparation which proved by practical tests, to be not only a purifier of the alimentary tract but also to release Nascent (free, available, active) Oxygen that follows the channels of the vital fluids. In fact, this Nascent (free, available active) Oxygen is carried by the life circulating fluids throughout the whole body. This enables the ailing body to help itself back to a purified state and a restoration of normal Oxidation. A private, proprietary process is used with alkaline earths to obtain these compounds.

The chemists who discovered these compounds found Oxygen could be bound together by electrical discharge to form Nascent or Singlet Oxygen. Unlike the O2 that we breath. Nascent Oxygen is O1, O3, O4, O5, O6 etc. up into the O20’s. It is Nature’s most active purifier and destroyer of bacteria, germs, parasites and worms. In it’s Nascent (free, available, active) form, it is the most powerful Oxidizing agent known and available for healing purposes. Over the last 100 plus years nascent oxygen has been found to be effective in many applications from industrial and municipal water purification to blood purification and full health optimization at home and abroad.

So, back to my personal experience with Homozon: It comes in a white powder that you add to water. then you follow it with lemon water. This lemon water apparently pops off the Magnesium, allowing the body to be flooded with nascent/singlet (aka highly available oxygen). You are flooding the body with natural, available oxygen directly to your digestive system. Be sure you have time to be at home to do this because it is rather dramatic in its effects. Homozon will completely liquify your stool. Know this ahead of time, and know that it is not pathological diahrrea, which pulls fluids from your intestines and results in dehydration. It liquifies your stool through a healing biochemical process, which DOES NOT cause dehydration and is perfectly safe. Your body will, through the digestive tract, rid itself of toxic “crap” of previously unknown and rather shocking “stuff”.

There is no doubt in my mind that Homozon saved my life. As I said, I really had no idea what was going on with my gut but I instinctually knew it was bad. My digestive tract was not working properly at all, I had massive bloating and three pinpoint areas of extreme pain. I won’t go into detail but within the fist few weeks of taking maybe a teaspoon of Homozon/day, it flushed out what I’m sure was many years of “stuff” out of my digestive tract. My digestive processes eventually became clear and normal, my energy revitalized, and the pain disappeared. It took several months and was not an easy or comfortable process for me. It took a lot of “guts”, but one thing I am sure of is that I took 30 years off the age of my gut and probably added many healthy years to my life. I am very thankful to be able to say that I am extremely healthy today and have been for a couple years now!
~Here’s to Healing Naturally!~