My Garbage Disposal Rocks!!

(And Other Things a Single Sixty-Something Woman Knows)

As published in Elephant Journal:

I am not kidding you. You know those wonderful little tools that keep us from cutting our fingers off while chopping vegetables? Little metal finger guards? They are awesome for people like me that don’t know where their body is in space.

Well, as luck would have it my little finger-saver got away from me and down into said disposal (which I oh so love). After taking said allen wrench to free up the disposal, guess what? My garbage disposal slowly but surely ate it! Metal and all! I was stunned!

This is how it is being 60 something and solo. Small wins are HUGE! Gratitude runs wild! I mean who at 60+ has these significant wins? We do! And I am surely celebrating them today! Many of us solo gals 60 or 50 or 70 even, are rocking it!

I have gotten over my past, removed it from my present, I don’t do 9-5 anymore, I speak my truth authentically and without remorse, I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about what I think or say, and I do what I want when I want, and how I want.
Pretty damn cool, huh? Yeah, I’m digging it.

If you are not us, in that 60 something range, you might want to seek us out. We have wisdom, we have clarity, and we still have our sense of humor. And surely you will be there with us someday so pay attention!

We mow our own lawn, we make our own money (still), we heal our own bodies and emotional wounds. We count on and depend on NOBODY. We kayak and horseback ride, and cannot live without yoga, and we have a Spiritual practice that would knock your socks off!

We are rich with wisdom and experience, and there are loads of us who have not had our Spirit dampened by all the crap we have been through (those stories would curl your toes).

We have learned to leave our baggage behind. We know how precious this life is, how beautiful this world is, and we take great joy in squeezing every little drop out of the seemingly little things.

We have learned not to take our heartbreaks on the road with us, only the happy adventures we have had along the way. And our adventures are far from over!

I find I am more adventurous than ever. I don’t sit and wait to have someone to travel with me- I go! Fear and anxiety be damned! I am not done yet! Am I the one to go to a different country with a different language all by myself? Hell yes! I am still celebrating that victory!

We just get stronger and stronger from these experiences. They make us the powerful people that we are. So, if you are 30 something or 40 something, hang out with a 60 something and get charged up for the rest of your life!
~Just Getting Started~