BIG Feelings

I came across an Ausgustun Burroughs quote regarding feelings. This might be useful to you if you have rampant BIG emotions:

“But feelings, no matter how strong or “ugly,” are not a part of who you are. They are the radio stations your mind listens to if you don’t give it something better to do. Feelings are fluid and dynamic; they change frequently.
Feelings are something you HAVE, not something you ARE. Like physical beauty, a cold sore, or an opinion.

Admitting you feel rage or terrible pain or regret or some old, rotten blame does not mean these feelings are part of who you are as a person. What these feelings mean is, you have to change your thinking to be free of them.”

Easier said than done. Sometimes I literally have to check out of the feeling zone and go into the mental zone, like I am doing right now. Think instead of feel, or I do some other creative activity so that I am not lost in the currents of a difficult feeling. Sometimes I go read a book or go for a bike ride. Then when the memory that created the feeling comes back there is not so much emotional charge tied to it. This exercise will definitely bring you back to balance. And we all need emotional balance!

It’s nice to know that my feelings don’t define me as a person, I can own them, but I am not them. Thinking a difficult feeling defines you as a person automatically makes you feel weak or less worthy, even if you know better than that- even if you know you are strong and you actually have a strong sense of self and self-love and appreciation.

Don’t fall into the trap of taking on the belief that feelings define you! Just remember, they are fluid, which means they are temporary. Just let them blow through you like a wind and turn your mind in another direction.
~ Be Easy With Yourself- You’ve Got This~