My Most Valuable Tool For Living

I began my journey into Reiki in 2004. It was the most natural thing to me, as if I had been practicing it forever. I dove all the way in and spent years taking classes and practicing (and teaching for the last several years). I simply could not get enough.

For me personally, it was the foundation of my healing- physically, mentally, emotionally, and Spiritually. I used it to heal my past. I used it to give me courage and hope for the future (as I still do today). I simply will not leave the house without using it in my morning meditation ritual.

I use it on my food, my pet, my home, my workspace. I use it for safe travel. I send Reiki energy to ailing loved ones and clients. I cannot imagine my life without it. It truly is a gift and I honor it with all my heart.

I have had so much fun learning from various teachers with varying approaches to Reiki. I started my own Reiki circle with a group of about twenty or so weekly and we all had so many incredible healing experiences that we would share with each other.

As a massage therapist I was continually told that I do “much more than massage”. It’s true. Everything I do is infused with Reiki. It is in every breath.

There is no limit to what Reiki can do. I have lots of Reiki stories, I will share briefly my two favorites:
The first one just makes me so happy when I remember it. One of my Reiki students had parents that were elderly and both failing. We would meet at her parent’s house weekly to give them treatments, and they both loved it. You could see (and feel) their bodies just melting into a deep state of relaxation. You could see and feel their fears and anxieties release. The sessions were so beautiful to all of us. The cutest part was the father (both of them being on hospital beds) would stop the chitter-chatter as we came in saying “Let’s get this party started”! He was 91. They both transitioned in the most beautiful and peaceful way.

The second story, being the most mind-blowing (at least to me), is about a dear friend, only in his early 40’s, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Apparently, there was a very large tumor that had attached itself to the bladder wall. He was scheduled for surgery to remove the entire bladder.

Me and my friends began Reiki treatments on him in earnest. I worked on him everyday. Several Friends who were Reiki practitioners chimed in when they could, sometimes there would be five of us treating him at the same time.

The day came for his surgery to remove the bladder. When the surgery was over, the surgeon came out dumbfounded. The tumor had detached from the wall of the bladder and was simply simply removed from the bladder by the surgeon leaving the bladder completely intact! I would most definitely define this as a MIRACLE. Ten years later and my friend is just fine!

I strongly encourage EVERYONE to learn Reiki for themselves. Having access to it at any given moment is a precious gift indeed! It is my most valuable tool for living, and if life gets tough at any moment I know I can create the best outcome possible by immediately turning on the Reiki!

Love & Reiki Light,

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Reiki I- Reiki Master Teacher Training: Patricia Williams
Reiki in Medicine: Pamela Miles
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