Spiritual Evolution aka: In Between Two Worlds

‘I’m sick of the pressure to be “perfect” and having “transcended” all my shit in order to fit in with those who are on a “high vibrational level.”’ This was written by another author, and I get it. Those of us that have chosen (or have been pushed by life circumstances) to get on a Spiritual path have come under criticism when people find out that we are human, not all love and light, and certainly not perfect.

In my mind, Spiritual Evolution means first to go deep within and do the work to release negative thoughts, beliefs, memories and emotions. By “releasing” them I mean to work with them (with a whole lot of self-love) until you get to the point that they are not running your life or your personality.

Yes, along the way we are likely to come across some “airy fairy woowoo” type practices like working with crystals or angels or insisting on focusing on love and light. But we cannot deny the lower vibes that we have been carrying around. Denying those parts of ourselves is not personal development; therefore, it is not Spiritual development. Because we are BOTH human AND divine.

Being “in between two worlds” can be daunting and confusing, Which am I- human or Spirit? You are both, and that makes it a little tricky. Which one runs my life- my Spirit or my free will? Divine guidance or personal choice?

Welcome to my world. This work, these choices, are entirely personal. I certainly don’t think there is one answer that would benefit every single soul out there. It’s a personal journey and although it is great and sometimes necessary to seek out help on this topic from others who have some experience in this arena, the bottom line is it is your personal journey.

I just encourage you to not go entirely one way or the other. Find your own personal blend that works for you. You know if you are side-stepping the internal work or not. You know if you are not quite okay with being human while you are giving yourself the title of high vibrational or Spiritually evolved. And you also know if you are the person criticizing others that are doing their best at being both human and divine.

In my experience, there have been major milestones along the way that show me how I have evolved. I truly have self-love. I truly am more confident and secure in this world. And I truly do converse with my Spirit, regularly. I truly get that I am much more than my messy bundle of emotions. I truly get that I am Divine incarnated. I also accept that I’m not done yet. Maybe I never will be. I just keep at it, now KNOWING that I am as worthy, as Divine, and as imperfect as the next person.

~Human AND Divine~