That Damn Onion!

Have you ever heard that the healing process is like peeling off the layers of an onion? Yeah, that totally sucks! Something happens, a loved one walks away, or we lose someone or something precious to us. It hurts and we cry, we isolate, we journal, we spend time with the pain. And slowly it loosens its grip on us and we breathe a sigh of relief.
Whew! That’s over!

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Depending on the depth of the hurt and how many other memories like it are still buried in there somewhere. Oftentimes, some little thing triggers the pain all over again. And we are seemingly back to square one. How could this be?

Because there is unfinished business in there somewhere- some leftover energetic residue. More layers. Maybe we are realizing a theme here. Does the same sort of thing happen to you over and over? Most of us develop patterns in our lives- negative patterns. And we can no longer ignore these patterns. “Why does this always happen to me”? This is where the real hard work comes in. We must look inside of us to determine the root cause, the errant belief system. We have to get really clear and honest with ourselves and it’s no easy task, but one that must be taken on head first in order to become self-aware. Only then can we be productive at changing those belief systems, thereby changing the pattern.

In my journey to heal, I have found that I move through it chapter by chapter (ie layer by layer). I will “get done” with a subject and for awhile, everything seems clear and released. Maybe months go by. Then out of the blue the same issue comes up, maybe with a different face, but the same flavor. And here I go again.

Is there any end to the layers of that onion? So far there doesn’t appear to be. But the truly wonderful thing is: for every layer removed we become better, less likely to repeat the same things over and over again, more self-aware, more confident that we will handle it in a much less dramatic way. More than anything I have found doing this work, is that I know who I am, I am much more confident, much less dependent on circumstances, and much more even-keeled emotionally- and that’s a relief for sure!

Abraham-Hicks says “we never get it done and we can’t get it wrong.” I would add to this- as long as we are doing the work!