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Lack Mentality

Lack mentality shows itself in a variety of ways. Being on a tight budget right now has reminded me of how important it is to be in the right mindset, despite the current seemingly limited circumstances.

For instance, maybe things are tight right now and you don’t feel that you can take yourself to your favorite local restaurant. Or maybe your car is ready for an oil change, but… Or, even bigger, you don’t want to leave the house because every time you do it costs money.
Don’t let yourself or your life get so small due to fear that you don’t have enough or you won’t have enough!
Remind yourself that everything is fluid- especially money! It comes and it goes, no matter how frugal you are! I don’t suggest crazy spending, I’m just saying don’t cut yourself off from the flow just because right now you are a bit fearful of an apparent lack.
And this can be financial lack, or lack of social contact or friends or loved ones. We must be generous with ourselves and we must believe in abundance! Maybe we do need to be frugal right now, but we need to not cut our own selves off from the flow of abundance due to fear of annihilation.
When I do this to myself, I recognize it, stop and tell myself that I deserve to eat well, or I deserve to have my car in top shape, or whatever it may be, and I go and do that.
And guess what? it NEVER causes me further financial distress. EVER! When I do this for myself, it’s like the Universe says “Ok, you believe you deserve this, let’s give you more”!
Money comes in from seemingly random places. Opportunities come in just now (after all this time and fret).
What you think about you bring about and if you are in lack mentality, that is what you are going to get more of.
Believe in yourself! And believe in the abundant nature of the Universe!

Times Have Changed For Sure!

I ran across my grandmother’s life story the other day (typed on a typewriter) and was rather amazed at how she carefully documented our ancestral tree several generations back with names, dates, and places. She obviously found this extremely important information for all of us. And it was obviously extremely important for people during that time.

I find these days many people like myself don’t feel so close to the family tree, it’s not of the greatest importance in our lives these days. I mean do I really care that I am some distant relative of Robert E. Lee? I feel no connection there. It is not significant to who I am. I respect my grandmother and what was important to her tremendously, it just does not feel like it needs to be important to me.

Then I thought about what ancestry IS important to people these days and the answer that came to me made me laugh, just a bit. These days social media is inundated with people trying to figure out their “real” ancestry. Not one hundred and fifty years ago, but millions of years ago. We are asking ourselves questions like am I a starseed? Am I Plaedian or Arcturian or did I have a life in Lemuria or Atlantis?

That’s where the laugh came in, just imagining my grandmother contemplating these things. I’m certain she contemplated Angels due to her studying the Bible but wondering if she was Plaedian? I seriously doubt it!

It just reminded me of how different things are 50 years later. Very different. Our thinking is different. Our interrogations in to this world, this Universe (now some call it Multiverse) is different. And it’s all good. I believe contemplating or at least wondering about the reality of this crazy, nutty, infinite Universe is kind of important- I mean do you think we as humans are the Be All and End All?

If you simply take a look at the space photos of galaxies and nebulas and what goes on out there and how many billions of light years away all that is, how can you not question our limited human vision of “reality”? Reminds my of those “Expand your mind” songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Perhaps we are doing just that.

~Thanks, Grandma, for the Thought Provoking Reminder of Your Reality just a few short years ago~

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Essential Oils 101

Hi Everyone!
I’d like to take some time talking about essential oils, what they are and how they can help us. They are powerful natural remedies that can address just about any ailment. And they are safe and natural (if you buy high quality oils- and we will talk about that in a bit). Since they are simply extracts from plants, they are totally natural and as such do not have the nasty side effects that many modern medicines have.

Essential oils are extremely potent so you just need a couple of drops of an oil to remedy an ailment. These ailments can range from simple bug bites to flus and allergies to removing toxins in your home to helping remedy even more serious ailments.

I would like to emphasis the importance of using high quality, therapeutic grade oils. You can purchase essential oils anywhere but in order to know that you are getting what you think you are you have to use products from a reputable company, as these oils are not governed by the FDA. So, cheaper, knock off products are not the way to go.

I have chosen to use DoTerra essential oils and blends because you can actually track the testing of each bottle of oil from the number on the bottom of the bottle to ensure you are indeed getting pure, beyond organic, third party tested product. The second reason I have chosen DoTerra product is because the oils are sustainably sourced meaning the Earth is not being depleted of these medicinal plants and farmers all over the world are being supported.

To give you an introduction to these oils, I made a FREE online Essential Oils Fundamentals class. Simply send me an email ( and I will get it to you! It is only 30 minutes long and it is packed with valuable information!

So, if you are ready to get started using essential oils for your health, there is now a free way to learn!

The “Morphine Bomb” recipe

This essential oil blend is amazing no matter how severe the owie is. Of course, there is no morphine in it! It’s just a name for a blend with some serious analgesic properties! It’s great for headaches, general boo-boos, sore muscles, you name it. I definitely always have it on hand in my “farmarcia”!
There are several versions of recipes for this blend. This one is my favorite!

To make:
I like to use a rollerball like this one:

5 drops Copaiba essential oil
5 drops lemongrass essential oil
5 drops Frankincense essential oil
5 drops Marjoram essential oil
Fill the 10 ml bottle with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil.
Insert the rollerball, close the lid and roll between your hands to mix.
To apply simply roll on the affected area, the bottoms of the feet, along the spine, the pulse points on wrists, or temples.

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GOOD NEWS! (It doesn’t last forever)

Are you in a rut? Having a tough time? Feeling really heavy emotions?

The first thing to KNOW and remind yourself of often, is that every situation is temporary. No situation lasts forever. As it is said, the only constant in this life is change. That is the absolute truth.

So when things feel too difficult to take, just take a moment and remind yourself of this truth. It will make breathing a bit easier. Think back on your life. Think of the last challenging situation that you faced. Is that situation still the same or did it change, go away?

When we are in a difficult situation or feeling really heavy emotions, it’s hard to not feel like we will feel like this forever. It is at this time we must remind ourselves that that is truly not the case. Things always change. We will heal from this. We just may not be able to see how that is occurring right now.

Whether it is through Faith or the experience of life teaching us that things always change, this is the most important thing to train your mind to remember. That and remembering to breathe. Conscious breathing helps us to move through difficult emotions and helps to bring clarity to the mind.

~Peace and Blessings to You~

Empaths Beware!

I’ve said before, being an empath can feel like a curse sometimes but it truly is a gift if you know how to use it. Empaths feel EVERYTHING. We have strong feelings of our own that can be challenging to manage to start with. Then on top of that we feel other people’s feelings! Now that doesn’t seem fair, does it? It’s enough to manage our own feelings and stay balanced much less dealing with feelings that don’t even belong to us!

It gets bigger. Not only do we have to feel another person’s feelings when we are in conversation, we feel the whole collective vibe! Oh my gosh! It took me awhile to realize this. You have to tune into it because it can be very subtle, but once we do there is always a “Wow” moment.

This is when I decided I REALLY need to get a handle on this. How does one do that? By tuning in and becoming AWARE of what is ours and what is not and what is that feeling that I am feeling anyway? It helps to try to identify the particular feeling. When it comes to the collective energy it’s more difficult to identify one particular feeling. It’s more general than that.

Typically, when tapping into the collective energy it’s not so much as defining one emotion, it’s finding a word to describe the general feeling like angst or uneasiness. I find that there is more of a question- is it a higher or lower frequency? How does it make ME feel? Amped? Fearful? Sad? Tired?
Once we can describe it, we can go “oh yeah” that makes sense (and it usually meshes with what is going on in the world). Then we can kind of disassociate from it. We don’t have to own it. We are now aware of what that feeling is and where it came from. Now it doesn’t have to affect us so much. Whew-relief.

When dealing with a person or a group we have to be a bit more precise. I have learned to check in with myself during conversations to determine exactly what feelings and moods are mine and which ones are not. I am certain at this point a person reading this who is not an empath would be thinking “what the hell is this woman going on about”? And probably having some judgemental response about my personal strength or lack thereof. (We will get to that later).

Anyway, us empaths may actually have to do this exercise regularly or we take on other people’s stuff and carry it around like it’s our own, and let me tell you! It becomes a very heavy burden! So, empaths, do yourself a favor and get really conscious about this. It will definitely help you lighten your load!

Now, about the appearance of empaths being weak. EMPATHS ARE FAR FROM WEAK. We are superbly strong. Anyone who can handle this gift HAS to be strong. I’m talking forged steel strong. Not taking an empath seriously, or the empath herself not taking herself seriously is a grievous mistake! We are stronger than the masses I assure you! And as empaths we are the compassionate ones- that makes us extremely important. Light of the world important. Would anyone argue with me that compassion is THE most valuable and needed emotion right now? Seriously? In this world today it is needed more than ever!

~Hug your favorite empath today. We could use a little love and appreciation~

Uses for Wintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen essential oil is one of the staples in my “farmacia”. It has lots of different uses for year round natural health. Take a look:

1. Cold and Flu Relief
Wintergreen essential oil can be just as powerful in relieving cold and flu symptoms as any over the counter cold medication. Inside of wintergreen essential oil is an aspirin-like chemical that helps to relieve pain while the fresh cool scent works as a very effective decongestant.

The decongestant properties help to break up thick mucus caused by infection, allowing you to expel the mucus and the infection in an easier and more comfortable way.
For best results, diffusing the wintergreen essential oil in a nebulizing diffuser helps it to be inhaled and sent to the systems of the body that need it most.

2. Pain Relief
Wintergreen essential oil is also a highly effective topical pain reliever for sore muscles and joints. When combined with a carrier oil, the essential oil reduces swelling and inflammation, which in turn helps to relieve pain.

If you’ve had a great workout that you’re paying for the next day, diffusing wintergreen essential oil or applying it topically mixed with a carrier oil can get you back up and working again.

3. As a Home Cleanser
Natural home cleansers give families a natural way to keep their homes safe and clean without all of the unnecessary chemicals. Wintergreen essential oil is a great cleanser option, with both antibacterial and antiviral properties, that can disinfect just about any surface.

Wintergreen essential oil can even be used to run through your dishwasher or washing machine to eliminate odors and get rid of any residual bacteria hiding where you can’t see.

4. Digestion and Nausea Relief
When you’re experiencing bouts of nausea, bloating, or diarrhea, diffusing wintergreen essential oil in the room can help to alleviate stomach spasms associated with such conditions, providing you with much needed relief.
If you’re feeling sick to your stomach, lying down in a room with your favorite diffuser and wintergreen essential oil can help to alleviate these symptoms and allow much needed rest.

~Natural Healing at Its Best!~


Do you ever wonder about your dreams?
Certainly they mean something at least most of the time, right?
For me, some seem random but that is very infrequent. Most of the time, I get right away why I dreamed a certain dream. These are the dreams I use as a measuring stick- where I am at in my healing journey.

For instance, if I am still dreaming about an event that happened that affected me emotionally, that gives me information that there is more healing to do, and I get on it in a conscious way. Usually, this means journaling.

My journal is where I get really in touch with myself. Where my head is at, where am I emotionally? Thoughts and feelings. It’s imperative to be aware of our thoughts and feelings if we are going to live a conscious, creative life, if we are going to improve our life, feel better more of the time, and make less mistakes and better decisions for ourselves.

Then there are the dreams of things that haven’t happened yet and I lean toward thinking of these dreams as precognitive as in something like that is coming down the pike. Those dreams are just fun and I encourage more of them. I find that daydreaming (and/or journaling) about the things I want in my life start spilling over into my sleep state, and I just love that! I believe that is indeed conscious cocreating with Spirit. What we think about we bring about, right? Fun stuff!

Then there are those dreams that we are in and they feel familiar but we know they have never happened- at least not in this lifetime. Recurring dreams are often like that. I think that’s me, but not me today, or I’ve been there, I’m certain of it, but yet I haven’t been there this go round!

At this point, I do feel like they are dreams from other lifetimes, and this has been validated by psychics and people that read Akashic records. I never really know what to do with that information but it is interesting to find some parallels with my current life. There are always patterns with this stuff. Layers and more layers of the complicated task of trying to figure out this life! And always, more questions!

I find these types of dreams do bring more richness to life. I have found myself thinking (after realizing some of these life patterns) that maybe I am on the right track. Maybe I have found my life purpose. Maybe I am destined to do this or be this. And that feels really good!

I would love to hear you chime in on this intriguing topic! Shoot me an comment and let’s chat!

~dream, dream, dream~