The Bowen Technique

Bowen Therapy is my favorite tool for healing any dysfunction in the body- particularly musculoskeletal dysfunction.  It is a very different form of bodywork than you have ever experienced before.  It is definitely the most effective technique I have ever witnessed for returning proper form and function and eliminating pain.

We get all the kinks out of the body no matter what the manifestation is.  We eliminate pain and restore proper function. Tennis elbow. Sciatica. Herniated disk/back/neck pain. Plantar fascitis.  Oftentimes, even with some scarey situation in the hard structures of the body, just getting the soft tissues properly balanced (tension-wise) pain is eliminated and function is restored.

So, what does it look like?  It is a rather gentle method that is done through clothing.  The therapist performs a series of “strumming” moves across muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a very precise manner and sequence (depending on the issue presenting).  This releases restrictions in the connective tissue (think fascia and muscles).  This is important.  Restrictions in the soft tissues of the body are what create imbalance which eventually leads to deterioration in the joints and in the process nerve compression, pain, and dysfuction.  Release these restrictions and the joints get more room and the nerves get decompressed.  The result: elimination of pain and restoration of proper function.

For instance, if one side of the back is being pulled too tight by “kinks” in the fascia,  the other side will be slack and the bones will be pulled toward the tight side.  Releasing fascial restrictions and balancing the tension in the soft tissues allows all the structures to return to normal positio . The same goes for joint compression- balancing the soft tissues surrounding the joint allows for proper positioning and spacing of the joint.  When all of the structures are balanced nerve impingement is eliminated, proper function is restored and pain is gone.fab 2016 bowen 045

Literally, I put no limitations on what Bowen Therapy can fix.  I’ve seen too much.  I’ve seen results that astonish me! Over and over again.  This is a very intelligent system- it is teaching us how the body truly works.  As always there is much to learn to gain full understanding of the body’s complete , innate ability to heal given the proper signals.  These “signals” work because of the nature of the material our soft tissue structures are made from- piezoelectric materials.  From someone who has previously studied piezoelectricity  (as a materials scientist), it is very exciting!  But that is another blog for you techies.

In the meantime, if you would like to see what a session looks like there is a video on the useful links page.

If you are in pain, do yourself and your body a favor- visit your nearest Bowen Therapist.  You will be amazed at the results!