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Nature’s Stress Buster

Here is something to think about. Nature is a stress buster. Remember when you were a kid spending all that time in nature? Remember feeling sooo happy and alive and worry-free? There is something to that. More than you realized as a kid. Being in nature is like taking a happy pill with only one side effect- feeling better. Add it to your list of anti-anxiety tools you use to bring down the angst. Make it a habit to realize the full benefit of spending time in nature.

There is a lot of talk about energy. Here I am talking about our energy meaning the Spiritual part of us- the prana, the qi- and the energy of the Earth. It may sound fluffy but it’s REAL.

We are energetic beings. More so than the physical part of us, the body. And we all know the Earth has an energetic field. Trees have an energetic field. The ground has an energetic field. The air has an energetic field. Energy is at the root of our living and breathing. And there are an infinite number of frequencies to this energy that pervades everyone and everything. Lower, denser frequencies create stress and dis-ease. Higher, lighter frequencies promote health and well-being.

Think about how you feel on a crowded freeway versus how you feel in a forest. Just the thought of being on a crowded freeway creates chemical changes in the brain and you can FEEL the stress and you are not even on the freeway yet! Same thing with being in a forest- just the thought of it for a few moments is actually relaxing. You can feel your blood pressure lowering and your heartbeat slowing down. Take some time – you are worth it!

~Give yourself the gift of being in nature every day!~

Hurt People Hurt People

I love it when I realize that I have indeed developed some very healthy habits. And this is one of those times. The habit? Here it is:
when someone responds to me in a less than stellar way (let’s get real here- in a way that used to slay me for days, used to seriously trod on my sense of self-worth, used to take a lot of effort to regain my mojo), I now find myself automatically saying to myself “It’s Not Personal! It has nothing whatsoever to do with YOU”.

And ya know what’s the best thing about this? Is it is EASY to believe! Think about it. Think about the last time this happened with you. Somebody came back at you with something less than compassion and it hurt. Wait a minute, think for a minute. Do you have a clue what is going on in this person’s life? Do you really know how their past experiences have affected them? You truly have no clue. And there is a very large chance that their response to you had more to do with what is going on in their life and less to do with handing out a verdict on your value.

Hurt People Hurt People. It’s a Truth. It leads to the circle of pain that crosses generations, unfortunately. I mean seriously, how do people get like that? Nasty, mean, hurtful. Well, I don’t think people just wake up one day and decide that is how they are going to behave.

When people are hurt some people do go out of their way to be mean or seek revenge, but I submit that most of us are not like that and that most of us would be surprised if something less than compassionate would come out of our mouths.

But this blog is about US and how we respond to people, to the world, not so much about other people’s behavior (that is really none of my business). My desire is for you to bring attention to how YOU REACT to anything said or done that doesn’t feel good. I just want to make sure that your self-worth is intact and not on unsteady ground. I don’t want the “slightly crooked remark” to slay you for a minute much less ruin your day.
~Life is much sweeter when you don’t get your self-worth tossled about with the wind!~

Don’t Tell Anyone! (Sometimes it’s Best)

Have you ever shared with someone or someones what is going on with you that is really, really difficult? What happened after that? You probably felt worse on some level. Like a victim perhaps, or that you just gave away your power. That’s how it is on our emotional journey sometimes. It doesn’t matter whether it is a matter of the heart or a physical problem that has knocked you down.

Sometimes it’s an extremely personal thing that is best dealt with in silence, solo. Sometimes when we share our pain out loud it dilutes our personal strength. It just does, have you ever noticed? Maybe not. I didn’t. But I know better now. I have consciously felt the diminishment of my own personal power by sharing with even the most compassionate people.

I’m still figuring out the why but I know it to be true. I think the why maybe so that we actually REALIZE our own personal strength and fortitude, our own very personal power. To realize this is a huge thing. It gives us more strength, confidence, and stamina in the face of some pretty tough things. Some times I get tired of being tough, being stronger than anyone I know. But it’s nice to absolutely KNOW my own strength, and sometimes in order to KNOW your own strength you have to go it alone.

For sure going through these immensely challenging times by oneself is eye opening at the very least.. In a lot of ways. And there are a lot of lessons along the way besides learning to deal with and heal whatever is going on. Growth and expansion of ourselves, who we are, is what happens when we pay attention to things like this. It’s not usually pleasant as we are learning these lessons but the good news is if you keep it up one day you wake up and realize how proud of you you are and how much you really appreciate that person staring back at you in the mirror! And that, my friends, is a REALLY good feeling!
~Here’s to You! You Are Badass!~

GOOD NEWS! (It doesn’t last forever)

Are you in a rut? Having a tough time? Feeling really heavy emotions?

The first thing to KNOW and remind yourself of often, is that every situation is temporary. No situation lasts forever. As it is said, the only constant in this life is change. That is the absolute truth.

So when things feel too difficult to take, just take a moment and remind yourself of this truth. It will make breathing a bit easier. Think back on your life. Think of the last challenging situation that you faced. Is that situation still the same or did it change, go away?

When we are in a difficult situation or feeling really heavy emotions, it’s hard to not feel like we will feel like this forever. It is at this time we must remind ourselves that that is truly not the case. Things always change. We will heal from this. We just may not be able to see how that is occurring right now.

Whether it is through Faith or the experience of life teaching us that things always change, this is the most important thing to train your mind to remember. That and remembering to breathe. Conscious breathing helps us to move through difficult emotions and helps to bring clarity to the mind.

~Peace and Blessings to You~

Empaths Beware!

I’ve said before, being an empath can feel like a curse sometimes but it truly is a gift if you know how to use it. Empaths feel EVERYTHING. We have strong feelings of our own that can be challenging to manage to start with. Then on top of that we feel other people’s feelings! Now that doesn’t seem fair, does it? It’s enough to manage our own feelings and stay balanced much less dealing with feelings that don’t even belong to us!

It gets bigger. Not only do we have to feel another person’s feelings when we are in conversation, we feel the whole collective vibe! Oh my gosh! It took me awhile to realize this. You have to tune into it because it can be very subtle, but once we do there is always a “Wow” moment.

This is when I decided I REALLY need to get a handle on this. How does one do that? By tuning in and becoming AWARE of what is ours and what is not and what is that feeling that I am feeling anyway? It helps to try to identify the particular feeling. When it comes to the collective energy it’s more difficult to identify one particular feeling. It’s more general than that.

Typically, when tapping into the collective energy it’s not so much as defining one emotion, it’s finding a word to describe the general feeling like angst or uneasiness. I find that there is more of a question- is it a higher or lower frequency? How does it make ME feel? Amped? Fearful? Sad? Tired?
Once we can describe it, we can go “oh yeah” that makes sense (and it usually meshes with what is going on in the world). Then we can kind of disassociate from it. We don’t have to own it. We are now aware of what that feeling is and where it came from. Now it doesn’t have to affect us so much. Whew-relief.

When dealing with a person or a group we have to be a bit more precise. I have learned to check in with myself during conversations to determine exactly what feelings and moods are mine and which ones are not. I am certain at this point a person reading this who is not an empath would be thinking “what the hell is this woman going on about”? And probably having some judgemental response about my personal strength or lack thereof. (We will get to that later).

Anyway, us empaths may actually have to do this exercise regularly or we take on other people’s stuff and carry it around like it’s our own, and let me tell you! It becomes a very heavy burden! So, empaths, do yourself a favor and get really conscious about this. It will definitely help you lighten your load!

Now, about the appearance of empaths being weak. EMPATHS ARE FAR FROM WEAK. We are superbly strong. Anyone who can handle this gift HAS to be strong. I’m talking forged steel strong. Not taking an empath seriously, or the empath herself not taking herself seriously is a grievous mistake! We are stronger than the masses I assure you! And as empaths we are the compassionate ones- that makes us extremely important. Light of the world important. Would anyone argue with me that compassion is THE most valuable and needed emotion right now? Seriously? In this world today it is needed more than ever!

~Hug your favorite empath today. We could use a little love and appreciation~


Do you ever wonder about your dreams?
Certainly they mean something at least most of the time, right?
For me, some seem random but that is very infrequent. Most of the time, I get right away why I dreamed a certain dream. These are the dreams I use as a measuring stick- where I am at in my healing journey.

For instance, if I am still dreaming about an event that happened that affected me emotionally, that gives me information that there is more healing to do, and I get on it in a conscious way. Usually, this means journaling.

My journal is where I get really in touch with myself. Where my head is at, where am I emotionally? Thoughts and feelings. It’s imperative to be aware of our thoughts and feelings if we are going to live a conscious, creative life, if we are going to improve our life, feel better more of the time, and make less mistakes and better decisions for ourselves.

Then there are the dreams of things that haven’t happened yet and I lean toward thinking of these dreams as precognitive as in something like that is coming down the pike. Those dreams are just fun and I encourage more of them. I find that daydreaming (and/or journaling) about the things I want in my life start spilling over into my sleep state, and I just love that! I believe that is indeed conscious cocreating with Spirit. What we think about we bring about, right? Fun stuff!

Then there are those dreams that we are in and they feel familiar but we know they have never happened- at least not in this lifetime. Recurring dreams are often like that. I think that’s me, but not me today, or I’ve been there, I’m certain of it, but yet I haven’t been there this go round!

At this point, I do feel like they are dreams from other lifetimes, and this has been validated by psychics and people that read Akashic records. I never really know what to do with that information but it is interesting to find some parallels with my current life. There are always patterns with this stuff. Layers and more layers of the complicated task of trying to figure out this life! And always, more questions!

I find these types of dreams do bring more richness to life. I have found myself thinking (after realizing some of these life patterns) that maybe I am on the right track. Maybe I have found my life purpose. Maybe I am destined to do this or be this. And that feels really good!

I would love to hear you chime in on this intriguing topic! Shoot me an comment and let’s chat!

~dream, dream, dream~

A Trip Through The Chakras

I’ve been studying and working with my chakras (mostly in morning meditation) for years now. Long enough to be aware of them and to be able to recognize which ones are working just fine and which ones are out of kilter. These energy centers in our body need to be balanced in order to have the highest level of physical health as well as emotional stability and Spiritual connection.

First to define a chakra- A chakra is an energy center. In a perfectly healthy person, the 7 main chakras work in unison to create life force energy. The body, mind, and spirit benefit from balanced chakras. In addition, each chakra has its own symbol, color, and meaning.

The term ‘Chakra’ is also Sanskrit for ‘wheel’. This refers to the spinning, spherical energy center that makes up a chakra.

Here’s a list of your 7 chakras and their numbers in order:

1. The Root Chakra
2. The Sacral Chakra
3. The Solar Plexus Chakra
4. The Heart Chakra
5. The Throat Chakra
6. The Third Eye Chakra
7. The Crown Chakra

You will notice as we go through the chakras that each one has it’s own color and it’s own vibration. The further we go up the chakras, the higher the vibrational frequency.

You may also notice that the colors of the chakras follow those of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).

Colors also carry their own vibrational frequencies and as we move up through the chakras the colors move up the vibrational scale just like music notes. So, the higher the chakra, the higher the vibrational frequency.

The Root Chakra
The root chakra is located at the base of the spine.
Its color is red and it signifies the connection to all of your physical, bodily energy with the Earth itself. In other words, this chakra ‘grounds’ you.

Your Root Chakra is also linked to everything you need to survive. This includes the act of breathing, eating, sleeping, and experiencing physical security.

When your 1st chakra is balanced, you’ll feel a deep sense of peace. You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that all of your core needs are met. Because of this, all total body healing starts here.

The Sacral Chakra
Also known as ‘the place of the self’, the second or Sacral Chakra is therefore all about your creative identity as a human. Its color is yellow and it located at the level of the sacrum below the navel and above the base of the spine.

This chakra helps you enjoy your life here on Earth. It is also considered to be related to relationships, sexual and otherwise.

When your 2nd chakra is balanced, you’ll truly relish in all the finer things in life. Life probably feels pretty good.

The Solar Plexus Chakra
The third chakra or solar plexus chakra located near the level of your stomach–around 2-3 inches above the belly button. It is the chakra where your self-confidence and personal power sit together in harmony.

Many call the Solar Plexus chakra the ‘Warrior Chakra’ as well. This is because this is by far the most powerful supporting chakra for bravery and boundary-setting. Its color is yellow.

The Heart Chakra

The Fourth chakra or Heart chakra is located in the chest around the heart space. Its color is green and when you’re experiencing feelings of love, compassion, and kindness…it’s this energy center you’re connecting to.

This chakra is fundamentally about love. Love is the most healing frequency of all. Similarly, when your Heart Chakra is balanced, you are easily able to feel love and empathy for yourself and others.

The Throat Chakra
The color of the fifth chakra or Throat Chakra is light blue and this chakra helps you to quite literally speak up. Because of this, you’ll do so in a smooth, confident, authentic way when it is functioning properly.

In addition, this chakra is your official seat of self-expression. The Throat Chakra also gives a voice to your personal preferences, beliefs, and values.

When balanced, you openly and lovingly speak the truth. Moreover, you express yourself in whichever way feels most in alignment at any given time.

The Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra or Third Eye Chakra is located at the third eye which is roughly between the eyebrows and is translated as ‘beyond wisdom’.

This is because this mystic energy center opens you up to expanded states of consciousness. They go way beyond the 5 senses and the material world we live in.

Extrasensory perception, intuition, and psychic abilities are all born from the third eye. This is because of the brain’s small yet extremely powerful pinecone-shaped, the pineal gland.

When your Third Eye is balanced, you’ll feel in tune with the physical and spiritual world. You’ll also be able to connect with both your ego and your soul. Its color is indigo.

The Crown Chakra
It is of course located at the top or crown of your head and signifies pure consciousness, connecting you to the Universe. Achieving a balanced crown chakra is the goal of any Spiritual practice. Moreover, it’s not easy to do.

Once truly balanced–it is said that you’ve achieved enlightenment. In other words, you’ve discovered the secret of who you really are. Its color is violet or white.

The chakras are an innate and primary part of our energy system and as such are indeed sensitive to all of our human experiences. That is why they sometimes get blocked (which shows up in our lives as excess emotion, unbalanced physical health and the like).

I like to “check in” with each of my chakras at the beginning of my morning meditation to see how I am doing energetically and to correct any imbalance I feel. There are many ways to go about balancing the chakras. Many people go to energy practitioners for help with this but you can do it yourself.

Practices like positive affirmations, intentional meditation, visual imagery, and the use of crystals can help. I encourage you to spend some time finding out which type of practice works for you.

Paying attention to the functioning of our chakras can definitely clue us in to where in life we are out of balance. Then armed with this information we have the ability to go about bringing ourselves, our mind, body, and emotions back into balance resulting in a much happier and healthier life!

One final word: just as our emotions change, just as how our bodies feel differently from one day to the next, the chakra functioning changes as well- we are in no way static- the chakras being an integral part of us, do not remain static either. Regular maintenance is a good idea!
~Here’s to Balance!~

Crystal Healing Arguments

As always, I do additional research before writing an article. I was actually stunned at some (actually most) of the articles I read regarding the use of crystals for healing. The word “pseudoscience” was everywhere.

First of all, let me say that my first career was as a Materials Engineering Scientist. I know a little bit about crystals, crystal lattices, energy, and energy exchange. Let me give you a visual about crystals and their energy from a Materials Science aspect: It’s called piezoelectricity. If you take a clear quartz crystal and apply a mechanical force to it- like grinding it with a piece of metal, you get electrical sparks. This is an actual physical practice that proves that the crystal contains within it Energy. That is NOT pseudoscience people.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY (and that is not “pseudoscience” either). Some of the earlier most brilliant minds knew this. Take Nicola Tesla (famous physicist) for example, who said “If you want to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration”. EVERYTHING carries its own energy and that energy can shift vibrational frequencies depending on the environment. In my example of the clear quartz energy being put under stress mechanically, from the solid crystal (visible) came electrical (nonvisible but REAL) energy. Repeat, EVERYTHING is energy and this is coming from a materials engineer not some new agey woo-woo gal (well, actually I am both!)

Wikipedia gives us some initial hints into the historical uses of crystals for healing (before the remainder of the article ran “amuck”): In Plato’s account of Atlantis, crystal healing is also mentioned. According to Plato, the Atlanteans used crystals to read minds and transmit thoughts. The first historical documentation of crystals originated from the Ancient Sumerians (c. 4500 to c. 2000 BC). The Sumerians used crystals in their magical formulas.

Writings dating back as far as 400 BC make observations about the powers different crystals were believed to emit. Often if a negative incident occurred, a specific stone would be used in an attempt to counteract the negative effect. This was done by wearing amulets or other talismans around the neck with specific stones.

The origins of crystal healing is tied to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, India, Ancient Greece, or Ancient Rome. Do you not think these people knew a thing or two that we do not? If so, I encourage you to do a little research on your own about the miraculous feats these civilizations accomplished without “modern” equipment.

Now speaking as someone who is truly into natural healing of any sort, and as a highly sensitive to energy kind of person, let me tell you that certain crystals soothe me at certain times. I find a rose quartz very soothing indeed when I feel super emotional. I find that I just love being around apophylite, and I can’t go anywhere near moldavite as it makes me dizzy. All these crystals have their own vibrational frequency and it is obvious to me that the ones I am attracted to are more of a vibrational match to me than those that I am repelled by.

I wish we knew what the ancients knew- the the term “pseudoscience” would not be so popular.

Below is one of my all time favorite songs from the sixties (The 60’s– new agey my ass!): Crystal Blue Persuasion. I’ve decided to include the lyrics because the whole planet needs this now. THANK YOU TOMMY JAMES AND THE SHONDELLS!!!

~It’s a Good Vibration!~

Contrast- Doesn’t Necessarily Feel Good But…

What if there was no “bad”? What if everything in life, every experience, every thought, every thing you see, hear, smell, sense, and feel was all really, really beautiful and good?

Would you know it was good? Would you have any frame of reference to even have the information that it was good, happy, beautiful? I don’t think so. How would you know something was good or pleasant if you didn’t experience it’s opposite?

If you don’t know what you don’t want, how could you know what you do want? Contrast may suck (because you have to experience the unwanted to know what IS wanted) but it is necessary. Think about it. If you never experienced anything that felt uncomfortable or worse how could you appreciate things that make you feel joyful?

After having had a bad experience, a painful relationship or bodily condition, you would not be so appreciative of the happy relationships or the healthy body, right? Would you even know the opposite? Nope.

Esther Hicks tells a story about having had a kidney stone. She talks about being so thankful for that kidney stone because she has never had such a zest for life after that! You can imagine that, right?

So think about getting through the storm of an awful relationship. Takes time, tears, heartache, and more time. But then down the road, lo and behold, this new relationship comes along and it is entirely blissful, right up your alley. And gratitude abounds. You are happier than EVER! You are more grateful than you could have ever imagined and every experience within this relationship brings unimaginable bliss.

Thank God you know the difference! Thank God you had that awful experience or this experience wouldn’t carry such emotional gratitude. You wouldn’t feel nearly as much happiness, gratitude, or bliss had you not had something to compare it to.

So it goes with contrast. Most of the people I know who have had it the worst are the most happy and thankful people I know. Because they know how bad it can be. CONTRAST. We don’t like it most of the time but it is necessary as a point of reference enabling us to experience GREAT joy, GREAT gratitude, GREAT appreciation, and GREAT love- that of which we would have never experienced without CONTRAST.

~Here’s to Your GREAT Joy, Happiness, and Love!

Serious (and Natural) Help for Depression

bird singing


Maybe it’s circumstantial. Maybe you just lost a loved one or a job or you are just sick and tired of not having the right kind of support system. Or no support system at all. Maybe you have no clue why this “down in the dumps” period has seemingly become your personality. Regardless of how you got here, you got here and I am sure you see no way out- no options at all no matter how hard you search for them.

Let’s get the pharmaceutical thing out of the way: for me, it is not the way to go. Adding more chemicals to your chemical factory at this point seems like the most bizarre of ideas. We have to get our current chemical factory working for us, and throwing more into the mix (at this point in my life) makes absolutely no sense. You see, I have been there, and when I was I didn’t know or understand what I know and understand now.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken me so long to get where I am now. Now, I understand. Now I have tools. Tools that I hope will shorten the timespan (and lessen the pain along the way) for you to looking back on depression as a distant memory that catapulted you to your happiest life.

Tools- here are my top five:

Do NOT underestimate the tremendous value of this concept. You HAVE to start breathing. Breathing has so many (many, many) positive results for so many (many,many) reasons. Oxygenating the body through conscious breath starts a whole host of positive chemical processes in the body. It will make you more aware and this is a HUGE step- becoming more aware, more conscious of what is going on inside of you is a GREAT, SUPER IMPORTANT start to the healing process.

Conscious breathing is an emotional salve. It calms down the nervous system and clear thinking can emerge. It changes our emotional state if only by a few degrees. It allows our diaphragm to open up, it brings oxygen to every cell. It changes our chemical make-up, it changes our brain waves, our pulse, our ability to think clearly, and produces within us a strength, a hope, that we didn’t know we had.

When we are depressed we don’t breathe. You HAVE to understand this. Everything collapses in on itself without even realizing it. If we don’t get breathing we cannot function. We cannot move, we cannot think clearly, and we get sucked down further into immobility and paralysis. By now, you know this is true.

Start by considering this. Start by paying attention to your breath (or lack there of). I’m certain you can hardly even find you breath much less cultivate big breaths. It’s okay, One step at a time. Once you are aware that you are barely breathing you can work with that.

Start by trying a conscious breath. Try to make it bigger, longer, fuller. Just a little bit at a time, knowing that you are doing yourself, your body and brain a huge service. This is a HUGE big start. Train your brain one slump at a time- the minute you realize you are going back down, take a breath. Try breathing in fully quickly and breathing out long and slow. Feel the muscles relax. Feel the monkey mind getting quiet. You just saved yourself AGAIN. In time you will be able to do some more advanced breathing techniques, but for now, just start. Just begin breathing again.

Movement goes along with breathing- same idea here. We are getting “unparalyzed” here. Sometimes, I would have to literally yell at myself “Get off the couch”! or “get out of the bed”! Stand up, make the bed and leave the room. Get off the couch and go outside and breathe and feel the weather, hear the birds, maybe even take a walk! Again, movement jump starts so many benefical chemical processes that you have no idea of how beneficial they are to you mood, to your psyche.

Maybe you are not ready to dance. Maybe the joy that comes from dancing is just too far out of reach right now. That’s okay. You will get there, but you have to start somewhere. YOU HAVE TO MOVE YOUR BODY. Go outside and just breathe and stretch your limbs. In a few moments the thought might waft across your mind “maybe i’ll go for a walk.” DO IT! this doesn’t have to be a big deal. Actually, it shouldn’t be a big deal, just something that feels good to you. In time, there will be more that you actually feel like doing. It’s progressive.

If you can’t get yourself off the couch right now, sit there and start making small movements with your feet, your legs, your breath, stretch your neck, your back. I would bet you feel like standing up now. You just have to make some effort, monumental effort is not necessary- some effort though is required. And as long as you feel like doing a little more, DO IT!

Nobody is going to do this for you. Nobody is going to get you out of this depression. It is up to you, and I promise you can do this. Do the breath and the movement regardless of what thoughts are running rampant in your brain. Right now your brain is not working properly and until you get breathing and moving your brain is on stupid mode. So, ignore it. Clear thinking will return once you get oxygen to the brain through breath and movement.

There is more to this than meets the eye. I get how soothing it is to snuggle up and pet your pet- nothing better. But intuitively, I KNOW there is more going on here (another research project). I mean, I get that pheromones are involved here, but I think there is much more.

There is an energetic, emotional bond here, yes. And there is something here that I would consider Spiritual. Most often we absent-mindedly pet our pets, while our brain, our conscious attention is somewhere else. Make it conscious! Even if you have to say to yourself “I am petting my cat. It feels really good, She is helping me. My body and mind are positively responding to this. I am feeling better. (thank you cat).

Animals have a way of being okay, all the time, haven’t you noticed? Don’t you think we have something to learn here? Is there not tremendous benefit of some kind here? You cannot not feel better after consciously petting your pet. Don’t have a pet? No problem! Go outside and watch animals- they are all okay! You don’t see a depressed squirrel, you don’t hear the songbirds lamenting. No! They are happy! Joyous! Full of mischief and so proud of their abilities whether it be their extraordinary repertoire in their song, or their ability to jump from a tree to the roof of your house. They are JOYFUL! Full of life and vitality. And just watching them will stir something within you…

There’s this tree on my morning walk that I just can’t ignore. I call it “twin trees” because it looks like two oak tress sprouting out of one. And everything around it occasionally gets mowed. It’s an empty lot but whoever maintains it decided to leave this tree where it was. It’s a great tree. Reminds me of the fabulous book that has no words called “The Giving Tree”. I talk to it every morning. I am just soothed by the fact that it is always there, always giving oxygen and I’m sure energy to us and all of it’s tree negihbors.

There is nothing like nature to soothe the soul and make us feel like we are part of- if we just pay attention. It’s not just a tree dammit!- it is pulsing life force energy. It is intelligence of that which we have no clue. And there it is freely offering you life-sustaining energy. FEED ON IT. ALLOW IT TO NOURISH YOU, TO SUSTAIN YOU. Energy is everywhere.

EVERYTHING is energy! It’s there all around you- FEED ON IT. That is Nature’s gift to you- to all of us.

Think about it- have you ever not felt better after spending some time in nature? I highly doubt it. Doesn’t matter if it is a grand view of such majesty it takes our proverbial breath or away or if it is a “simple tree” or flower or blue sky. If you take notice, really NOTICE it, it is magnficent, and very, very healing. Take a walk, for God’s sake- and make it a conscious one.

Knowledge is POWER, make no mistake. The more we know about the nature of things, the more power we have, the more tools we have, to get better. TO HEAL OURSELVES, no matter what the malady. I actually think, doing these things helps us on the emotional side of things before the physical side of things start coming into alignment. So, in this way, experiencing depression is easier/faster to get out of than a physical disease, The mind and the emotions must get straightened out before the physical body changes in tow.

Learn what you can about how breath and movement and positive thought, and nature affect your physical body. Learn about how what you think about you bring about. Learn how you truly have the ability to change your mind, change your emotion, change your thought thereby bringing your physical body as well as the emotional and Spiritual side back to health, back to joy (which is your natural state), back to clarity, back to wonder.

It truly is a beautiful and magical world we live in. You can come back to life, the Universe is all around you with amazing tools and gifts to help you get there.

~Here’s to You coming back to your Natural JOYOUS self!~