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Spiritual Evolution aka: In Between Two Worlds

‘I’m sick of the pressure to be “perfect” and having “transcended” all my shit in order to fit in with those who are on a “high vibrational level.”’ This was written by another author, and I get it. Those of us that have chosen (or have been pushed by life circumstances) to get on a Spiritual path have come under criticism when people find out that we are human, not all love and light, and certainly not perfect.

In my mind, Spiritual Evolution means first to go deep within and do the work to release negative thoughts, beliefs, memories and emotions. By “releasing” them I mean to work with them (with a whole lot of self-love) until you get to the point that they are not running your life or your personality.

Yes, along the way we are likely to come across some “airy fairy woowoo” type practices like working with crystals or angels or insisting on focusing on love and light. But we cannot deny the lower vibes that we have been carrying around. Denying those parts of ourselves is not personal development; therefore, it is not Spiritual development. Because we are BOTH human AND divine.

Being “in between two worlds” can be daunting and confusing, Which am I- human or Spirit? You are both, and that makes it a little tricky. Which one runs my life- my Spirit or my free will? Divine guidance or personal choice?

Welcome to my world. This work, these choices, are entirely personal. I certainly don’t think there is one answer that would benefit every single soul out there. It’s a personal journey and although it is great and sometimes necessary to seek out help on this topic from others who have some experience in this arena, the bottom line is it is your personal journey.

I just encourage you to not go entirely one way or the other. Find your own personal blend that works for you. You know if you are side-stepping the internal work or not. You know if you are not quite okay with being human while you are giving yourself the title of high vibrational or Spiritually evolved. And you also know if you are the person criticizing others that are doing their best at being both human and divine.

In my experience, there have been major milestones along the way that show me how I have evolved. I truly have self-love. I truly am more confident and secure in this world. And I truly do converse with my Spirit, regularly. I truly get that I am much more than my messy bundle of emotions. I truly get that I am Divine incarnated. I also accept that I’m not done yet. Maybe I never will be. I just keep at it, now KNOWING that I am as worthy, as Divine, and as imperfect as the next person.

~Human AND Divine~

My Most Valuable Tool For Living

I began my journey into Reiki in 2004. It was the most natural thing to me, as if I had been practicing it forever. I dove all the way in and spent years taking classes and practicing (and teaching for the last several years). I simply could not get enough.

For me personally, it was the foundation of my healing- physically, mentally, emotionally, and Spiritually. I used it to heal my past. I used it to give me courage and hope for the future (as I still do today). I simply will not leave the house without using it in my morning meditation ritual.

I use it on my food, my pet, my home, my workspace. I use it for safe travel. I send Reiki energy to ailing loved ones and clients. I cannot imagine my life without it. It truly is a gift and I honor it with all my heart.

I have had so much fun learning from various teachers with varying approaches to Reiki. I started my own Reiki circle with a group of about twenty or so weekly and we all had so many incredible healing experiences that we would share with each other.

As a massage therapist I was continually told that I do “much more than massage”. It’s true. Everything I do is infused with Reiki. It is in every breath.

There is no limit to what Reiki can do. I have lots of Reiki stories, I will share briefly my two favorites:
The first one just makes me so happy when I remember it. One of my Reiki students had parents that were elderly and both failing. We would meet at her parent’s house weekly to give them treatments, and they both loved it. You could see (and feel) their bodies just melting into a deep state of relaxation. You could see and feel their fears and anxieties release. The sessions were so beautiful to all of us. The cutest part was the father (both of them being on hospital beds) would stop the chitter-chatter as we came in saying “Let’s get this party started”! He was 91. They both transitioned in the most beautiful and peaceful way.

The second story, being the most mind-blowing (at least to me), is about a dear friend, only in his early 40’s, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Apparently, there was a very large tumor that had attached itself to the bladder wall. He was scheduled for surgery to remove the entire bladder.

Me and my friends began Reiki treatments on him in earnest. I worked on him everyday. Several Friends who were Reiki practitioners chimed in when they could, sometimes there would be five of us treating him at the same time.

The day came for his surgery to remove the bladder. When the surgery was over, the surgeon came out dumbfounded. The tumor had detached from the wall of the bladder and was simply simply removed from the bladder by the surgeon leaving the bladder completely intact! I would most definitely define this as a MIRACLE. Ten years later and my friend is just fine!

I strongly encourage EVERYONE to learn Reiki for themselves. Having access to it at any given moment is a precious gift indeed! It is my most valuable tool for living, and if life gets tough at any moment I know I can create the best outcome possible by immediately turning on the Reiki!

Love & Reiki Light,

best pic

Reiki I- Reiki Master Teacher Training: Patricia Williams
Reiki in Medicine: Pamela Miles
various other teachers for CEU’s

My Garbage Disposal Rocks!!

(And Other Things a Single Sixty-Something Woman Knows)

As published in Elephant Journal:

I am not kidding you. You know those wonderful little tools that keep us from cutting our fingers off while chopping vegetables? Little metal finger guards? They are awesome for people like me that don’t know where their body is in space.

Well, as luck would have it my little finger-saver got away from me and down into said disposal (which I oh so love). After taking said allen wrench to free up the disposal, guess what? My garbage disposal slowly but surely ate it! Metal and all! I was stunned!

This is how it is being 60 something and solo. Small wins are HUGE! Gratitude runs wild! I mean who at 60+ has these significant wins? We do! And I am surely celebrating them today! Many of us solo gals 60 or 50 or 70 even, are rocking it!

I have gotten over my past, removed it from my present, I don’t do 9-5 anymore, I speak my truth authentically and without remorse, I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about what I think or say, and I do what I want when I want, and how I want.
Pretty damn cool, huh? Yeah, I’m digging it.

If you are not us, in that 60 something range, you might want to seek us out. We have wisdom, we have clarity, and we still have our sense of humor. And surely you will be there with us someday so pay attention!

We mow our own lawn, we make our own money (still), we heal our own bodies and emotional wounds. We count on and depend on NOBODY. We kayak and horseback ride, and cannot live without yoga, and we have a Spiritual practice that would knock your socks off!

We are rich with wisdom and experience, and there are loads of us who have not had our Spirit dampened by all the crap we have been through (those stories would curl your toes).

We have learned to leave our baggage behind. We know how precious this life is, how beautiful this world is, and we take great joy in squeezing every little drop out of the seemingly little things.

We have learned not to take our heartbreaks on the road with us, only the happy adventures we have had along the way. And our adventures are far from over!

I find I am more adventurous than ever. I don’t sit and wait to have someone to travel with me- I go! Fear and anxiety be damned! I am not done yet! Am I the one to go to a different country with a different language all by myself? Hell yes! I am still celebrating that victory!

We just get stronger and stronger from these experiences. They make us the powerful people that we are. So, if you are 30 something or 40 something, hang out with a 60 something and get charged up for the rest of your life!
~Just Getting Started~

See The Beauty!

I’ve developed a very healthy, happy habit that truly makes my every day better:
First thing when I wake up, I immediately start thinking of things that feel good, and I keep it going throughout the day. It truly makes the difference between an okay day and a truly inspired day. It’s developing a happy attitude, building happy neural networks that help me to be a more joyous person, having a more positive attitude no matter what is going on in my life today.

Things might truly suck right now. Maybe you don’t have a job, maybe bad things have happened recently. We all know how easy it is to remember those events, that heartbreak and start our day with revisitng that event first thing (oh yeah, I am broken-hearted/ have been mistreated, don’t have any income, or I’m sick) and the downward spiral begins. We cannot get out of a funk of any kind if we begin our day this way.

It may not be easy at first, especially given less than fortunate circumstances. But, again, it’s training those happy muscles. At first, for me, it was like forcing myself to go to the gym- unnatural as Hell. But if you stick with it you will find that there is a crack in that depression, that actually, you can feel good despite whatever is going on- if even for a couple minutes at a time.

Keep it going, keep it going, keep it going- and you will find the despair taking up less of your day and hope starts peeking through. Then maybe some real magic happens. You start attracting really nice things with no effort at all. Animals start coming around. Nice people start popping up. Nice things in general start happening on a more regular basis. The shift is occurring, you are getting better at this- creating a bit of happiness for yourself no matter what.

So, in hopes of encouraging you to do this, I offer this challenge: just for one day, carry a little notebook with you and write down every little nice thing that you consciously notice throughout the day. And I would LOVE to see your list! This could become contagious! And wouldn’t it be nice to have lots more happy people on the planet right now??

So, here is my list for today (and the day is only half over):

-super soft sheets!(OMG!!)
-amazing cool sleeping weather with the windows open (mmm!)
-my sweet dog snuggling with me in bed (seriously nothing better!)
-songbirds waking me up (I am absolutely in love with them!)
-the lightest spring air (fill the lungs!)
-the just barely warm Spring sun (delicious!)
– good food! (it’s a beautiful thing!)
-butterflies at breakfast (love me some butterflies:))
-nature walk (trees, colors, textures- I love textures-nature is amazing!)
-sea shells (can you say Sacred Geometry?)
-silence (it can really fill you up!)
-my dog rolling around in the grass (such Bliss!)
-the bluest sky ever!(how does that happen???)

Are you willing to take the challenge? I’d love to hear from you!

~Happiness Is Contagious!~

update: Evening is coming and I have more things to add to my list:
-the light off the lattice work is beautiful (and calming)
-the gentle breeze through the palm trees making them sway (ever so lovingly)
-my homemade vegetable soup is taking shape (yum- good for the body and the soul!)
-and looking forward to the full moon coming in my window (and reminding me that I am a child of the Universe and therefore important and loved.)
~Peace Out~

Healing From The Past

Most of us have experienced various emotional traumas in our past. The unfortunate thing is that often we carry these traumas into our present, even decades later. Carrying our “Emotional Baggage” with us is very detrimental to us, to our lives, and our relationships- even our physical bodies. Most of all it strips us of our potential to experience freedom and true joy.

Traditionally, psychotherapy has been used in an attempt to release us from our own ‘prison’. I did it- for way too long. This is what I have learned:
It doesn’t do any good to continually revisit those memories. It only serves to keep us stuck THERE. Why would we do that to ourselves? We are just digging those memories deeper and deeper into our psyche TODAY, keeping the wounds alive in our present making our present just as hurtful as our past. Continually regurgitating these traumas cause us to feel as if those traumas are happening to us today. Why would we do that to ourselves???

The only way I find revisiting the past to be useful is in the context of what it has taught me about myself- that I am stronger than I ever dreamed, that my sensitivity is my personal superpower, that I have more compassion towards others than ever before, and that I am formidable! I have finally found self-love and appreciation like nobody’s business! Outside of that, revisiting the past is useless in my opinion. I like today way too much!

How do you like today even if things are not exactly peachy? As Eckart Tolle says, stay in the present moment, not digging into the past pain or future which usually conjures up fear and anxiety. Getting truly into the present moment is a learned behavior.

Simple practices like enjoying the breath in and out that happens on its own, or absolutely loving the birds singing outside my window when I wake up in the morning, or enjoying the dexterity of my hands while I am washing dishes. Mindfulness- yeh, it’s a real thing. There is JOY to be had at any given moment if you just look for it with fierce determination!

Personally, I finally decided to eliminate my personal history. It served its purpose and taught me well. I don’t need it anymore. I am a completely different person now. The strength and wisdom I have gained is astounding. I have learned to love myself so well that I am only interested in the present joyous moment and how I can squeeze every drop of joy from it!

As always< I encourage comments, questions and ideas for more articles!

~My healing journey has ended. My free and joyful life has begun~

Levels of Consciousness

I’ve been wading through articles on the different levels of consciousness. Most of what I have read is very confusing indeed! Some too technical, too deep into quantum physics, many based on specific Spiritual traditions – and I don’t want to leave anyone out or suggest that one tradition is right and another not so much.

So I’m gong to do my best to introduce the concept here, of 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional consciousness, without the dogma or extreme science. .

Here goes:
In 3rd Dimensional Realty separation is the key word. We believe that everything is separate and that we are separate from each other. We live in a very dense energy that is ego-controlled and fear-based. We also believe in lack. We have to get our piece of the pie before anyone else does. That is where all the competition, warring, and destruction comes from. The thought that I must have more power than you, I have to control others; otherwise they will control me and I will perish. It’s a very root chakra kind of energy. The ego is fighting for its survival. We are run by this fear-based thinking instead of from our 4th chakra that is dominated by love.

4th Dimensional Reality is about moving form fear-based ego stuff to love-based living from the heart space. We begin to develop self-love and love for others. Gratitude begins to fill our hearts and fear is no longer running our lives. We begin to learn who we are and that we are not separate and don’t need to be fearful or competitive. A sense of oneness ensues.

The 4th Dimension is transitional in nature- the journey from dense, fear-based living (which causes all separation between I and the other). We begin to spend less time in fear and more time in love, joy and appreciation. This transitional period can be very confusing. It is a brand new way of living and so our “footing” is not yet established, we are not comfortable here. It challenges everything we have been taught or thought we knew about reality.

In 5th Dimensional Reality the concept of Unconditional Love comes to play. The energy of this dimension is a very high frequency of love. We begin to realize that we are not separate from each other. We cannot be. Self love and compassion dominate. We seem to become one with world and its inhabitants. The ego and its fear-based “reality” is gone and a new reality has been established. Peace, love, and joy reign supreme. We have come out of the insanity of the 3rd dimension. We are now vibrating at a very high frequency, sort of like running “on all cylinders”.

There is no wonder why there is so much chaos in the world today. We are shifting into The Age of Aquarius and out of the Age of Pisces. Sometimes, especially during times of transition, things have to fall apart in order to be birthed into the new. I believe that is what is happening now in the world at large.

Solidly in the Age of Aquarius people will recognize and understand that we are all connected, that the Earth is a living entity as well, and that togetherness, unity, oneness is the true reality, not separation, warring, struggling for personal power, and destroying everything in our wake. It is a huge shift in our collective consciousness. (And not a moment too soon!)

Right now it looks bad and feels even worse but if we can just hold on to the idea that this is a transitional period to a much more loving, kind, and beautiful world where we are caretakers of each other and stewards of our beautiful world- well, that is indeed, something to look forward to.
~There is Hope. Millions of Us Carry the Faith~

An Introduction to Tarot


Today, I have a guest blogger, my friend and Tarot reader, Maribeth. Maribeth makes clear the approach to tarot, how it assists us on our path, and my favorite- how it Empowers us! Enjoy!

I have been reading tarot cards since 1997 and I can say that it is uncanny how watching the ideal cards being chosen time and time again consistently proves to me that divine timing is always present in our lives. Although we may not always like what is happening, it is comforting to know that karma is playing a part in aligning your highest self, when you remain tuned in to it. (Aka Intuit)
Tarot cards have recently become a very popular form of divination. Not just to forecast potential futures, but to reflect back what we already know about ourselves and our circumstances. When we look at the symbolism in tarot cards, the archetypes strike a part of our unconscious understanding that resonates as our truth. When we research the meanings, it then justifies our understanding and we feel validated. Because our truth can then be accepted, there is less space for judgment and we are empowered to make choices for our highest and best, through the choices we make in thoughts and actions.
The most important part of the tarot reading is actually the question. Getting to the root of the situation, taking responsibility and phrasing it in a positive way is the preferred way to get the most truthful answer. People tell me “I feel like you gave me a map, showed me where I was and gave me options of where I could go and how to get there.” That is how a reading should empower someone. Our free will determines our path, and working with our resources. The cards help identify the strengths that can be utilized to create desired outcome.
The Institute for Spiritual Development, Treasure Coast will soon be publishing a newsletter that will include an advice column using tarot cards. If you have a question for the tarot, please submit it to and you may be selected for publication in TarotTalk along with the answer and pictures of your cards. Any topic is welcome, and can be helpful to other readers.
Thank you!
Maribeth McNair

Spirit Guides

Have you ever heard someone talking to you in your head but you were absolutely sure it wasn’t you? The words weren’t yours, the “thoughts” weren’t yours, they used words that you never have? Have you closed your eyes, perhaps in meditation, and seen faces of people you didn’t know in “real” life?

Entertain the idea for a moment that these words were coming from Spirit. It is said in many traditions that we all have Spirit Guides. People or energies on the other side that are there as helpers. Helpers that speak lovingly to us or encourage us to go this direction or that. Yep. This is a real thing.

It’s not easy or comfortable or straightforward, at least at first. But they hang in there with you no matter what. The energy, the information comes in all kinds of ways. Some people see, some people hear, some people get images that they have to decipher.

Maybe a loved one that has passed over has made an appearance or two. This oftentimes happens when you are going through a difficult period and they pop in to let you know that they are still there for you, just not in physical form.

I have a friend that connects with another person’s guides even to the extent that she can draw them, receiving their name even and why or how they are there for you. Another friend sees a person, the same person everytime she meditates- everyday for years, yet she doesn’t know who this person is to her, even though they connect everyday energetically. Still another friend actually sees and hears particular angels when she is doing energywork. These angels give specific messages.

However you experience any of this, I have never heard of the experience being bad or negative in any way. They (whomever they are) always are loving and supportive. As far as I know every mystic has said that we are never alone even though we may be physically alone. That the angels are always watching over us- that benevolent group that is part of the Spiritual realm.

For me, I find it curious and comforting at the same time. I hope to gain more understanding of this thin veil between those of us in this 3D physical reality and those of us in another dimension. Research seems to get me only so far. It is the experience that brings more questions than my research can answer. I think that is because it is such a uniquely personal experience so what anyone writes about this subject doesn’t fit our experience exactly. So the mystery continues, but I sure like the idea of having a Spiritual Support Group!
I would love to hear your experiences with this!

World Healing Meditation

This morning I decided to do a body healing meditation with Dr.Joe Dispenza (who I think is one of the most brilliant minds of the times). The Universe had other ideas. The title is “Dr. Joe Dispenza Heal Your Body Meditation” but the meditation was actually about healing the world and all of its inhabitants. That means you and me and everyone around the world and Mother Earth. It’s powerful. And it’s the perfect time. Please join me…

Why Does Astrology Work?

I am not an expert in anything I consider supernatural but I have explored several “metaphysical” or “supernatural” subjects and am mesmerized at how accurate they can be. Of course there is controversy as to whether these subjects are scientific or not, and I am not here to debate. I am just here to ponder and to question and to be amazed.

Why does astrology work? It’s truly uncanny! Simply contemplating the idea that the line up of the planets as well as when and where you were when you were born can dictate your personality makes one go “huh”? But if you have ever had your birthchart done by an astrologer you have to take notice. These people don’t know anything about you yet they describe you to a “T”.

Even though there are lots of scientific studies debunking astrology, one has to wonder why it appears to be so personally correct. There has to be something to this, right?

Take me for example: I am a Pisces. Pisces are said to be sensitive, intuitive, emotional, imaginative and creative. Have you ever known a Pisces that is not these things? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you have an astrologer dive deep into you natal chart or even what this year looks like for you, if the astrologer is truly talented you will be stunned at the accuracy of what they tell you!

From astrologer Claudia Ruchie in her article titled:
How Do Planets Affect Our Lives?

She writes: In Astrology, There are 7 planets- Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn. Apart from that there are two nodes- the North Node and the South node. These planets are common in Astrology for all parts of the world.

These planets are always moving. They obviously changed places ever since you were born and that creates an impact on us.

Now, Sun changes its position every month – passing from each zodiac in approximately a month. This shift of positions has a lot of impact on us – not just for the Sun but for all the planets.

Likewise, Saturn changes signs every two and a half years, Jupiter every year, the Moon every 28 days and so on.

Even the eclipses formed are related to the position of planets, that is why the internet gets flooded with posts about such transit movements as they have a huge impact on us.

These zodiac signs placed in different houses of our horoscope then connect with different aspects of our life.

For example, the Fifth House deals with Love, the Seventh House deals with marriage, and the Tenth House deals with our career.

The transits of planets over these houses or signs placed in it, activates the events related to these houses. Thus, the study of future transits makes us aware regarding these upcoming events of our life.

So how did all this information come about? What makes Astrology so accurate?

Astrolger Claudia goes on to say: Astrology is based on scientific calculations of constellations and planetary movements. Astrology is based on studying these planets and noticing the patterns that occur over hundreds of years. The stars and planets don’t necessarily influence things, but they are markers of time and allow us to understand what cycle we are in when a person is born.

All civilizations around the world have developed their own systems of predicting events based on astronomical observations related with the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

The Ancient people thought of such movements of Stars and Planets in the sky as Gods talking to them in sign language.

They have developed a highly complex system of measuring time, just to calculate various astronomical events.

These systems of measurement are working incredibly accurately even today, that scientists are also wondering how such an ancient civilization have developed them.

Some of these discoveries have made headlines with catchy titles like ‘mysteries of history around the world.’

In simple words, the reason why many people believe in astrology is because it gives them accurate readings again and again.

The repeated success of astrology is what makes it an instant hit with youngsters even today. Do they know the mathematical calculations behind its predictions, or the science behind its astronomical calculations? Probably not.

So, What Is Astrology & How Does It Work?

As mentioned before, the science of predicting when rain will come, when agriculture will flourish, and what will happen in the future for a person was developed thousands of years back in time by ancient civilizations.

It was their sheer observations which led them to discover many astronomical time periods.

Would you believe me if I tell you that thousands of years back people knew the exact timing of rotation for all planets, including Saturn?! They have mathematically calculated the nodes of the Moon, to accurately predict eclipses.

They didn’t even have the telescope then. Isn’t it amazing?! Still, would you like to call it pseudoscience?

Those people have great observation powers. They have noticed even the minor change in their daily sky and noted it down, maybe in their own language or code.

These detailed observations over a long period of history may have resulted in development of those complex calculations and timing of astronomical events.

Astrology was not developed by a single person, but by many generations of people over a long period of time. This is the reason behind its accuracy and credibility.
So, how exactly does this astrology thing work for a person? A valid question. How can we assume that all planets and stars are working just for us?
Let us take a look at the horoscope:

What Exactly Is Your Horoscope?
Your horoscope is nothing but the snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. It depicts the position of all the planets in various zodiac signs at the exact moment of your birth.

Hence, you have a unique astrological signature in terms of your Horoscope. This signature changes each and every passing moment by virtue of time and space.

Thus, two people in different parts of the world if born at the same time period, their horoscope will differ by virtue of space. It is like different time zones of different countries.

So, the Universe has chosen your moment of Birth and has given a unique signature to it, known as your Birth Chart, or Natal Chart, or simply your Horoscope.

Now to explain this in detail, Let us go back in time when you were born.

During that time, the planets were moving with their respective speeds as they always do and suddenly when you were born your birth time was noted. A chart was prepared and the planetary positions were noted.

The Sun and the Moon which were transiting in a particular zodiac sign thus became your Sun Sign and Moon sign respectively.

As the planets are always moving, they create an impact on our body, mind, soul & environment. The horoscopes that we read are on the basis of these movements of planets on a particular date and time.

So basically, whether you get a personal reading, a horoscope, natal chart reading – everything is based on planets, constellations and Zodiacs.

Such calculations help an astrologer to predict events for you. Whether it is a general promise or merely timing of events and that makes Astrology ACCURATE!
When it comes to Astrology, whether it is a Birth Chart reading (Natal) or Sun Sign, both of them are accurate. However, Birth Chart reading is more accurate as it has the depth required to make pin-pointed predictions.

Sun Sign on the other hand is the same for you and the people born under the same window of Sun (the month in which the Sun was transiting that Zodiac Sign at the time of your birth.)

So you actually may have a lot of things affecting your life than just the predictions based on the Sun.

What Do You Need To Get An Accurate Astrological Prediction? Honestly speaking, only three major details – your birth date, your birth time and the birth place.

This is the best explanation of Astrology that I have found for beginners like me. I have taken a few rounds of astrology classes and it is mind-boggling how different various teachers go about explaining it. Suffice it to say, it was too much for me to grasp. I will stick to the intuitive side of life and leave it to the experts!

~More “Magic” of the Universe!~