Penny’s Bodywork page

Hi Everybody!

It’s been three years since and  The Integrated Healing Studio became Bodywork at The Boulevard and boy how things have changed around here!  The Boulevard Tennis Club is buzzing with 3 times as many members as when I started here and part of that buzz is Bowen Therapy provided by yours truly!  Bowen has become a household name around here so-to-speak.  Members tell me they cannot go out on the court without hearing my name along with Bowen Therapy!  I am happy to resolve all of these athletes musculoskeletal issues, get them out of pain and back to proper function and an improved tennis game!  Not a tennis player? No problem- we all get out of whack on occasion and I am here serving private clients as well.  So, just give me a call and I will help your body return to functioning top notch again.

1620 Village Blvd Lane Vero Beach 32967.

My phone number remains the same: 772-643-5199

Natural therapies encompass a broad range of disciplines, all of which aim to treat the physical and emotional well being of the client without invasive procedures or medications.

As a Bodyworker of 18 years now, I  have a variety of tools in my toolbox to help people feel better.  When clients come to me with a particular issue, I consult with them and together we determine the best protocol to follow to alleviate their pain or discomfort.  Included in my menu of services are:  Bowen Therapy (which is a manual therapy that remedies many often serious issues without pain, medication, or invasive procedures), Massage, and Reiki.

I also work on four-leggeds! They get issues too, many of them soft-tissue problems like us and our pets respond beautifully to Bowen  Therapy! So, if you have any animal that is not moving about well and happily, bring them to me!

 I also teach everything I do.  Classes are offered monthly for laypeople and professionals alike.  I am Nationally Certified (NCBTMB) Approved Provider for Continuing Education for Licensed Massage Therapists.

Description of Services:

Bowen Therapy is a manual therapy for “resetting” the body.  It is based on accupoint theory and shiatsu (meaning finger point pressure).  Developed in Australia and popular in Europe and the UK, it is not well-known in America quite yet but rapidly gaining in popularity due to its overwhelming success for a wide variety of maladies. Since it is a light touch (usually) through clothing, anyone from the infirm to the infant can receive the Bowen Technique.  The body can heal itself of any imbalance  if given the proper signals! For more information on how and why Bowen Therapy works please refer to my blogs on the home page or you are welcome to call or come have a chat with me.

Reiki Therapy is a type of energywork  which has therapeutic benefits.  It promotes healing on all levels- mental, physical, emotional, and Spiritual.  There are over a million practitioners worldwide and over 15% of the hospitals in America have Reiki programs in place. The National Institutes of Health call it a “Biofield Therapy” and reports that people benefit from Reiki. Research studies conducted in hospitals show that people heal faster- they tolerate medications, treatments, and procedures better and have shorter hospital stays.  The research data shows that Reiki treatment can be effective for relaxation, pain management, reduced anxiety, reduced depression, and enhanced well-being. Using Reiki can also help in cultivating a Spiritual connection.  There is no downside!

And of course everyone knows the benefits of massage! Penny’s massage is primarily a blend of relaxation, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, Active Isolated Stretching, and hot stone work depending on what is needed and requested by the client.