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natural healing blog

On this new blog I talk about healing on all levels: Physical, Mental. Emotional, and Spiritual. I am focusing right now on the benefits of Essential Oils and will be publishing a free online fundamentals of essential oils class, all you have to do is sign up! This will be availabel the end of june 2022. Great Stuff to Know!

I typically post 2-4 blogs/week on any given healing subject and encourage friends and clients to send in inquiries about specific ailments so that I might address them and give guidance. I also take consultation appointments for those clients that need help with specific ailments.

I also have a facebook group attached to this project that I hope you will join: Natural Healing is the name of the group and if you visit the page there is a blue button on the top right of the page, just click “JOIN” and I will see you there!

In the meantime, I have a gift for you! a FREE online Fundamentals of Essential Oils class, just sign up and spent 30 minutes learning about the health benefits of essential oils, what they are, why do we care, how to use them, and my TOP 10 for healthy, toxin-free living! Here we go: https://www.naturalhealing.blog/take-ownership-of-your-vital-health/

Peace & Blessings,