Must Love Dogs (& cats) Pet Therapy!

Let us not leave out our Beloved pets! Besides regular check ups at the vet, our dogs and cats need additional help from time to time.  Thoct2014 031e Bowen Technique is a wonderful therapy for your pets physical, mental, and emotional well-being as is Reiki.  Animals just LOVE Bowen Therapy and they love Reiki!  Bowen Therapy is used often for musculoskeletal problems as well as other issues such as anxiety and digestive problems.  It is well-known in the equestrian community for horse companions and for those in competition/show.  Reiki is a non-manipulative energy technique which is described in more detail on the Reiki page.

In office sessions or housecalls are available (in the Vero Beach area).

I also teach this technique to owners so they may treat their companion animals regularly at home.

To Our Furry-friends Health and Vitality!