Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree essential oil (otherwise known as Melaleuca) has over 90 different compounds and limitless applications. Here is a rather comprehensive list:
-Studies have shown that Teatree Oil kills several common bacteria and viruses responsible for causing illness, including E. coli, S. pneumoniae, and H. influenzae. In fact, a study testing several types of handwash shows that adding tea tree oil to the cleansers boosted their effectiveness against E. coli.
Studies continue to confirm that hand sanitizers with tea tree oil are effective for hand disinfection, killing bacteria without antibiotics.
Using tree oil as a natural hand sanitizer may help kill a number of germs responsible for colds, the flu, and other illness.

-A test-tube study revealed that tea tree oil had a greater ability to repel mosquitoes than DEET, the most common active ingredient in commercial insect repellents.

Spirit Guides

Have you ever heard someone talking to you in your head but you were absolutely sure it wasn’t you? The words weren’t yours, the “thoughts” weren’t yours, they used words that you never have? Have you closed your eyes, perhaps in meditation, and seen faces of people you didn’t know in “real” life?

Entertain the idea for a moment that these words were coming from Spirit. It is said in many traditions that we all have Spirit Guides. People or energies on the other side that are there as helpers. Helpers that speak lovingly to us or encourage us to go this direction or that. Yep. This is a real thing.

It’s not easy or comfortable or straightforward, at least at first. But they hang in there with you no matter what. The energy, the information comes in all kinds of ways. Some people see, some people hear, some people get images that they have to decipher.

Maybe a loved one that has passed over has made an appearance or two. This oftentimes happens when you are going through a difficult period and they pop in to let you know that they are still there for you, just not in physical form.

I have a friend that connects with another person’s guides even to the extent that she can draw them, receiving their name even and why or how they are there for you. Another friend sees a person, the same person everytime she meditates- everyday for years, yet she doesn’t know who this person is to her, even though they connect everyday energetically. Still another friend actually sees and hears particular angels when she is doing energywork. These angels give specific messages.

However you experience any of this, I have never heard of the experience being bad or negative in any way. They (whomever they are) always are loving and supportive. As far as I know every mystic has said that we are never alone even though we may be physically alone. That the angels are always watching over us- that benevolent group that is part of the Spiritual realm.

For me, I find it curious and comforting at the same time. I hope to gain more understanding of this thin veil between those of us in this 3D physical reality and those of us in another dimension. Research seems to get me only so far. It is the experience that brings more questions than my research can answer. I think that is because it is such a uniquely personal experience so what anyone writes about this subject doesn’t fit our experience exactly. So the mystery continues, but I sure like the idea of having a Spiritual Support Group!
I would love to hear your experiences with this!

How Sensitive Are You?

I was reading an article that gave this scenario which clearly demonstrates the various degrees of sensitivity people have. I like it because it is so easy to identify where you lie on the sensitivity scale. If you are like me and you are the forth person in this scenario, I suggest you take notice because those of us with that extreme sensitivity not only need to be aware that we are that sensitive, but what to watch for, be careful of, and what to do about it.

The scenario: Imagine four friends meeting for dinner. The first individual to arrive approaches the host stand, speaks with the maître d’, and is led to the table. After sitting, she notices that she’s missing a fork and that her water glass has already been filled. She’s quite thirsty, so she takes a sip.

Shortly after, the second friend enters the restaurant. He approaches the host stand and notices that maître d’ is scrolling through Instagram on her phone. Unsure of whether the maître d’ is bored or indignant, the second individual delicately gets the hosts attention through a gentle greeting. The host is gracious and welcoming, and the second individual is immediately relieved. The host leads the second individual to the table, where he sits down, greets his friend, and proceeds to review the menu.

The third friend enters the restaurant. As she approaches the host stand, she is overwhelmed with stimuli: She notes the restaurant’s garish decor, the servers’ swift movements, and a particularly loud gentleman in the back of the room who seems to be dominating the conversation. His energy is arrogant and abrasive, and his young children appear both embarrassed and afraid. Will they grow to adopt his behavior, or will they reject it and become soft and docile? Suddenly, the third friend snaps back in reality as maître d’ asks how she can help. Once she arrives at the table, she immediately shares her observations with her dinner mates.

Finally, the fourth friend walks into the restaurant. Upon entering, he’s completely overwhelmed by the movement, sounds, lights, and smells. Within an instant, he’s aware of interpersonal dynamics at each table, the complex relationships between the servers, the pungent odor of a particular dish that reminds him of childhood, and a few charred rafters on the ceiling. Had there been a fire? Suddenly, he senses an extreme heaviness (something bad happened here) and — avoiding the maître d’ — hurries towards the table of friends. He tries to shake off these experiences, but they continue to linger throughout dinner.

From the above example, friend one and two demonstrate a relatively standard range of sensitivity, while friend three and four exhibit more extreme extrasensory abilities. Consider your own experiences: How much stimuli do you absorb on a daily basis? Which types of stimuli resonate most deeply? How does it impact you emotionally? Physically? Spirituality?

If you are the fourth person in this scenario, I am super glad you are here reading this! You see many of us highly sensitive people have been trained that it is not socially acceptable to be so sensitive. We were told repeatedly in many ways not to be so sensitive. In essence not to be who we are. Certainly this sensitivity was not respected much less cultivated.

Many of us end up denying that part of ourselves. We become completely unaware of it. We dumb ourselves down and become numb. I have found that this does a trememdous amount of damage in our lives. First, it invalidates us making us feel stupid, different, less than. It erodes our self-confidence. We begin to hide this part of ourselves from other people. So, basically we are telling ourselves that part of us is wrong. There is something wrong with us.

Often this leads to extreme deficiencies in social situations and in personal relationships, not to mention causing a severe lack of self-esteem. The wide ranging effects of this “disembodiment” are extreme. Imagine the damage to our psyche! To our life! It is imperative for us (and our mental health) to first become aware that we are that sensitive, second to understand that it is not some lack in us but rather a gift, and third how to deal with it effectively.

To become aware of your sensitivity start with noticing what social situations make you feel uncomfortable. Loud noises? Crowds of people? Artificial light? Too much stimuli at any given point is a clue.

Start determining what stimuli you are most sensitive to and choose not to put yourself in that situation. Choose carefully what environments you put yourself in. Perhaps spend more time in silence. This gives the nervous system a much needed break. Meditation is the most powerful tool I have found. First thing in the morning. It’s like a nervous system “bath”, helping you to at least start your day feeling calm.

Notice when you start feeling stressed. What is going on in your environment? Once you realize you are getting stressed, try to give yourself a quick break- even 5 minutes if you can helps a lot. And breathe. The body is designed to relax on the exhales, so make them nice and slow.

These exercises not only help us to become more aware but can actually help lead us in the right direction and make better decisions for ourselves. This is why I call it a GIFT. We can use our bodily sensations to help us determine things like is someone telling the truth or does this potential job situation resonate with me? Will I flourish here? Or will it be very stressful?

It does take work. You have to be vigilant lest you get caught off-guard and now your nervous system is fried again. Working with your sensitivity instead of denying it will most definitely lead to a healthier, happier life, and you will find the gifts in all of this.

As always. I would love your feedback, your comments, questions and ideas of topics we could explore together!

~Here is to Honoring Your Beautiful, Sensitive Self!~

About Andrew Weil, M.D.

About Andrew Weil, M.D.

I am of the belief that Integrative Medicine is the most intelligent approach to healthcare. Yes, I am an advocate for natural healing (ie, the blog name): however, I do not rule out the need for incorporating Western medicine as needed. (I am reminded of the saying “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”).

Dr. Andrew Weil has been the champion for Integrative Medicine for many years. And he is a VERY busy guy. This blog would not be complete without at least an introduction to this man’s work. Allow me to introduce (or remind you about him when searching for health-related answers) to this very impressive man.

Andrew Weil, M.D., is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing-oriented approach to health care which encompasses body, mind, and spirit.

photo of Dr. Andrew Weil
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What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is an approach to wellness that combines:

Conventional (traditional Western) medicine, which includes drugs, surgery and lifestyle changes.
Complementary medicine, therapies that are not part of traditional Western medicine. Care may include chiropractic therapy, yoga, meditation and more.

Combining a Harvard education and a lifetime of practicing natural and preventive medicine, Dr. Weil is the founder and director of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, where he also holds the Lovell-Jones Endowed Chair in Integrative Rheumatology, and is Clinical Professor of Medicine and Professor of Public Health.

The Center is the leading effort in the world to develop a comprehensive curriculum in integrative medicine. Graduates serve as directors of integrative medicine programs throughout the United States, and through its fellowship, the Center is now training doctors and nurse practitioners around the world.

Dr. Weil is an internationally recognized expert for his views on leading a healthy lifestyle, his philosophy of healthy aging, and his critique of the future of medicine and health care.

Dr. Weil’s Education

  • A.B., biology (botany), Harvard University, 1964
  • M.D., Harvard University Medical School, 1968
  • After completing a medical internship at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco, he worked a year with the National Institute of Mental Health, then wrote his first book, The Natural Mind.
  • From 1971-75, as a Fellow of the Institute of Current World Affairs, Dr. Weil traveled widely in North and South America and Africa collecting information on drug use in other cultures, medicinal plants, and alternative methods of treating disease.
  • From 1971-84 he was on the research staff of the Harvard Botanical Museum and conducted investigations of medicinal and psychoactive plants.


  • Founder and director of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona
  • Editorial director of the popular website, DrWeil.com
  • Founder and chairman of The Weil Foundation
  • Chairman of Weil Lifestyle
  • Founder and co-owner of the growing group of True Food Kitchen restaurants

Dr. Weil writes a monthly column for Prevention magazine. A frequent lecturer and guest on talk shows, Dr. Weil is an internationally recognized expert on medicinal plants, alternative medicine, and the reform of medical education.

In partnership with Seabourn and The Onboard Spa by Steiner, his “Spa and Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil” mindful-living program is offered on all of the Seabourn cruise ships. He lives in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Oxford University Press is currently producing the “Weil Integrative Medicine Library,” a series of volumes for clinicians in various medical specialties; the first of these, Integrative Oncology appeared in 2009. Since then, Integrative Psychiatry, Integrative Pediatrics, Integrative Women’s Health, Integrative Rheumatology, Integrative Cardiology, and Integrative Gastroenterology, and many others have been published.

Dr. Weil’s Publications

He is the author of many scientific and popular articles and many books, including these national and international best-sellers:

Selected Books:

  • The Natural Mind; The Marriage of the Sun and Moon; From Chocolate to Morphine (with Winifred Rosen)
  • Health and Healing; Natural Health, Natural Medicine
  • 8 Weeks to Optimum Health
  • Spontaneous Healing
  • Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being
  • Spontaneous Happiness(2011)
  • Fast Food, Good Food(2015)
  • Eating Well for Optimum Health: The Essential Guide to Food, Diet, and Nutrition
  • The Healthy Kitchen: Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit (with Rosie Daley)
  • Why Our Health Matters: A Vision of Medicine That Can Transform Our Future (issued in paperback with new content as: You Can’t Afford to Get Sick).
  • True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure(2012)
  • Mind Over Meds (2017)

andrew weil

Magazines & Periodicals:

  • 17 volumes in the Weil Integrative Medicine Library, from the Oxford University Press
  • Monthly column in Prevention magazine
  • Monthly Self Healing mailed newsletter
  • Annual volume of the Self Healing newsletters, all published in a single-issue publication, by year.
    Periodic single-issue and topic-specific publications, including the recent, Andrew Weil’s Garden to Table Cooking

Dr. Weil’s Websites


I believe in the power of Frankincense, . Hey, if it is good enough for baby Jesus it is certainly going to be a mainstay in my personal arsenal of healthcare. Here is what Doterra and Healthline have to say about this oil:

Frankincense Boswellia Essential Oil

dōTERRA Premium Frankincense essential oil is a proprietary blend of resins from four species of Boswellia trees, Boswellia carterii, Boswellia sacra, Boswellia papyrifera, and Boswellia frereana. Considered the ‘king of oils’, Frankincense has extraordinary health benefits when used topically or taken internally.

Boswellia trees have been celebrated for centuries. The Babylonians and Assyrians would burn the tree resin in religious ceremonies and for contemplative meditation. The ancient Egyptians used it in perfumes and salves for soothing skin. Oil from the resin has long been used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese health practices.
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According to pre-clinical research, Frankincense essential oil may promote healthy cellular function when taken internally. Experimental research suggests internal use of Frankincense, high in α-pinene, may provide soothing effects to the body.

Because of the oil’s significant level of α-pinene, preclinical research also indicates Frankincense may help maintain healthy skin structure.† Nourishing and clarifying as an addition to daily skin care, the oil’s warm, spicy, herbal aroma creates a relaxing yet uplifting atmosphere.

Because Boswellia species used in dōTERRA Premium Frankincense essential oil grow best in different soils and regions, dōTERRA Co-impact Sourcing® is helping to diversify supply pressure and create future sustainable harvesting solutions.


Diffuse during reflection or meditation.
Apply topically or add to cream or lotion to nourish and calm skin.
Add a drop or two to a veggie cap as a part of your daily regimen.

Directions for Use:

Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice.

Internal use: Dilute one drop in four fluid ounces of liquid or take one to two drops in a veggie cap.

Topical use: Apply one to two drops to desired area. Dilute with a carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. See additional precautions below.

World Healing Meditation

This morning I decided to do a body healing meditation with Dr.Joe Dispenza (who I think is one of the most brilliant minds of the times). The Universe had other ideas. The title is “Dr. Joe Dispenza Heal Your Body Meditation” but the meditation was actually about healing the world and all of its inhabitants. That means you and me and everyone around the world and Mother Earth. It’s powerful. And it’s the perfect time. Please join me…

How Much Do Emotions Affect Our Physical Healing?

I have always held the belief that there is an emotional component to all physical pain and disease. I have recently been reminded to not forget this part when we are physically healing from something be it disease or physical trauma. Lately I have been discouraged about how long it has been taking my knee to heal. My body usually heals very rapidly!

So, I turned to another energyworker and she helped me to identify some trapped emotions that I thought I had completely dealt with. Over the next two days I did some inner work on these emotions, remembering what kicked them off, journaling about it and shedding a tear or two. This work along with some healing meditations, and lo and behold, the pain level went from a 6/10 to a 2/10 in just 2 days!

There are lots of different types of therapies that may help you with this: psychotherapy, transpersonal counseling, inner child work, neuroemotional technique, Reiki, emotional coding- just to name a few. The idea is to identify what emotions may be stuck physically in the body and then go from there.

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I find admitting to the fact that there is still some emotional residue from a particular event is the first step. Then we can choose to work with that emotion to release it more fully. This work can make a big difference in physical healing. In just 2 days I experienced a 40% reduction in pain! That is pretty significant!

If you want to try this on your own there are quick reference books to help get you started. Louise Hay, founder of Hay House books, and author of several self help books has something to say about this connection between parts of our bodies and corresponding emotions. For instance; in Heal Your Body regarding the knee she writes Knee Problems: Stubborn ego and pride. Inability to bend. Fear. Inflexibility. Won’t give in. Forgiveness. Understanding. Compassion.

Now this may or may not resonate with you but I find taking a look at what she has to say about a particular malady sometimes kicks off a particular emotion and that might be something to take a look at. I have found our emotions can and do have a profound effect on our bodies in lots of ways.

We are not separate from our emotions, whether we deny them or not. Worth considering if you are struggling to heal physically!

~Here’s To Your Vital Health!~

Nutramedix Natural Products

“Powerful Bioavailable Supplements For Today’s Health Challenges”- this company is amazing and their products are amazing as well. Natural plant extracts carefully, mindfully, and sustainably sourced by a company that honors people and the earth.

Myself, my friends, and colleagues have used these supplements for everything from immune system issues to skin infections to bronchitis and everything in between. Besides promoting superior natural products, I love to promote companies that respect the earth and work with people and the land and give back as well. This company fits with my integrity for sure.

Read on to hear some of their story:

We begin with a truly holistic approach to making products. Each addresses medicinal, economic, social, spiritual, and environmental well-being. We choose herbs for their quality, then scientifically validate their efficacy and safety. We pay fair and honest wages to support the local economies. We honor the social and cultural laws and traditions. We recognize the spiritual bond between people and healing herbs. We support regenerating the land and protecting its biodiversity.

When we source our herbal ingredients, we bring expertise to the jungle: botanists who understand the local ecology, doctors versed in indigenous traditions, and guides who have developed a trusting relationship with the villages and tribes.
But we are not there to take — we are there to listen with humility, to learn selflessly, to collaborate willingly.

These botanical plants are the Creator’s gifts that we honor throughout every step of our process: from sustainable growing and harvesting, to drying and processing, to testing for vibrancy and safety, to investing in clinical studies at major research institutions around the world.

Globally, a minimum of 50% of our profits are given back to the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world.

With a full line that supports detox, microbial defense, and sleep/mood, all of our herbal supplements are strategically designed to encourage optimum health. We pride ourselves in our special product formulation process that keeps you and your unique needs a priority.

We conduct extensive research to secure the highest quality raw materials from nature’s richest botanical resources. Our unique enhancement process optimizes the whole herb for a more powerful, broad-spectrum concentration.

I encourage you to go to and explore their wonderful natural products. www.nutramedix.com

Now that’s my kind of company!

Why Does Astrology Work?

I am not an expert in anything I consider supernatural but I have explored several “metaphysical” or “supernatural” subjects and am mesmerized at how accurate they can be. Of course there is controversy as to whether these subjects are scientific or not, and I am not here to debate. I am just here to ponder and to question and to be amazed.

Why does astrology work? It’s truly uncanny! Simply contemplating the idea that the line up of the planets as well as when and where you were when you were born can dictate your personality makes one go “huh”? But if you have ever had your birthchart done by an astrologer you have to take notice. These people don’t know anything about you yet they describe you to a “T”.

Even though there are lots of scientific studies debunking astrology, one has to wonder why it appears to be so personally correct. There has to be something to this, right?

Take me for example: I am a Pisces. Pisces are said to be sensitive, intuitive, emotional, imaginative and creative. Have you ever known a Pisces that is not these things? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you have an astrologer dive deep into you natal chart or even what this year looks like for you, if the astrologer is truly talented you will be stunned at the accuracy of what they tell you!

From astrologer Claudia Ruchie in her article titled:
How Do Planets Affect Our Lives?

She writes: In Astrology, There are 7 planets- Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn. Apart from that there are two nodes- the North Node and the South node. These planets are common in Astrology for all parts of the world.

These planets are always moving. They obviously changed places ever since you were born and that creates an impact on us.

Now, Sun changes its position every month – passing from each zodiac in approximately a month. This shift of positions has a lot of impact on us – not just for the Sun but for all the planets.

Likewise, Saturn changes signs every two and a half years, Jupiter every year, the Moon every 28 days and so on.

Even the eclipses formed are related to the position of planets, that is why the internet gets flooded with posts about such transit movements as they have a huge impact on us.

These zodiac signs placed in different houses of our horoscope then connect with different aspects of our life.

For example, the Fifth House deals with Love, the Seventh House deals with marriage, and the Tenth House deals with our career.

The transits of planets over these houses or signs placed in it, activates the events related to these houses. Thus, the study of future transits makes us aware regarding these upcoming events of our life.

So how did all this information come about? What makes Astrology so accurate?

Astrolger Claudia goes on to say: Astrology is based on scientific calculations of constellations and planetary movements. Astrology is based on studying these planets and noticing the patterns that occur over hundreds of years. The stars and planets don’t necessarily influence things, but they are markers of time and allow us to understand what cycle we are in when a person is born.

All civilizations around the world have developed their own systems of predicting events based on astronomical observations related with the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

The Ancient people thought of such movements of Stars and Planets in the sky as Gods talking to them in sign language.

They have developed a highly complex system of measuring time, just to calculate various astronomical events.

These systems of measurement are working incredibly accurately even today, that scientists are also wondering how such an ancient civilization have developed them.

Some of these discoveries have made headlines with catchy titles like ‘mysteries of history around the world.’

In simple words, the reason why many people believe in astrology is because it gives them accurate readings again and again.

The repeated success of astrology is what makes it an instant hit with youngsters even today. Do they know the mathematical calculations behind its predictions, or the science behind its astronomical calculations? Probably not.

So, What Is Astrology & How Does It Work?

As mentioned before, the science of predicting when rain will come, when agriculture will flourish, and what will happen in the future for a person was developed thousands of years back in time by ancient civilizations.

It was their sheer observations which led them to discover many astronomical time periods.

Would you believe me if I tell you that thousands of years back people knew the exact timing of rotation for all planets, including Saturn?! They have mathematically calculated the nodes of the Moon, to accurately predict eclipses.

They didn’t even have the telescope then. Isn’t it amazing?! Still, would you like to call it pseudoscience?

Those people have great observation powers. They have noticed even the minor change in their daily sky and noted it down, maybe in their own language or code.

These detailed observations over a long period of history may have resulted in development of those complex calculations and timing of astronomical events.

Astrology was not developed by a single person, but by many generations of people over a long period of time. This is the reason behind its accuracy and credibility.
So, how exactly does this astrology thing work for a person? A valid question. How can we assume that all planets and stars are working just for us?
Let us take a look at the horoscope:

What Exactly Is Your Horoscope?
Your horoscope is nothing but the snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. It depicts the position of all the planets in various zodiac signs at the exact moment of your birth.

Hence, you have a unique astrological signature in terms of your Horoscope. This signature changes each and every passing moment by virtue of time and space.

Thus, two people in different parts of the world if born at the same time period, their horoscope will differ by virtue of space. It is like different time zones of different countries.

So, the Universe has chosen your moment of Birth and has given a unique signature to it, known as your Birth Chart, or Natal Chart, or simply your Horoscope.

Now to explain this in detail, Let us go back in time when you were born.

During that time, the planets were moving with their respective speeds as they always do and suddenly when you were born your birth time was noted. A chart was prepared and the planetary positions were noted.

The Sun and the Moon which were transiting in a particular zodiac sign thus became your Sun Sign and Moon sign respectively.

As the planets are always moving, they create an impact on our body, mind, soul & environment. The horoscopes that we read are on the basis of these movements of planets on a particular date and time.

So basically, whether you get a personal reading, a horoscope, natal chart reading – everything is based on planets, constellations and Zodiacs.

Such calculations help an astrologer to predict events for you. Whether it is a general promise or merely timing of events and that makes Astrology ACCURATE!
When it comes to Astrology, whether it is a Birth Chart reading (Natal) or Sun Sign, both of them are accurate. However, Birth Chart reading is more accurate as it has the depth required to make pin-pointed predictions.

Sun Sign on the other hand is the same for you and the people born under the same window of Sun (the month in which the Sun was transiting that Zodiac Sign at the time of your birth.)

So you actually may have a lot of things affecting your life than just the predictions based on the Sun.

What Do You Need To Get An Accurate Astrological Prediction? Honestly speaking, only three major details – your birth date, your birth time and the birth place.

This is the best explanation of Astrology that I have found for beginners like me. I have taken a few rounds of astrology classes and it is mind-boggling how different various teachers go about explaining it. Suffice it to say, it was too much for me to grasp. I will stick to the intuitive side of life and leave it to the experts!

~More “Magic” of the Universe!~

Some Important Limitations To Physical Therapy and Surgery

I have been a bodyworker for over two decades and have worked on a lot of hurt people. I myself have been hurt, and I myself have experienced both as a practitioner and a patient some unfortunate limitations to physical therapy and surgery. Physical therapists and surgeons do indeed have credentials and there are many that are very talented. I certainly would and have had surgery to be put back together again. I find it very unfortunate though that physical therapists are so restricted in what and where they are allowed or directed to do in their practice.

Just out of massage school my first job was in a physical therapy practice. I was very discouraged by the restrictions put on us practitioners, mainly by the insurance companies. We were required to do only 15 minutes of hands-on therapy and that therapy was only allowed in the specific area of pain or dysfunction. We were not allowed to explore other areas of the body to determine their involvement in the problem.

We were also dictated by rules and protocols to do this particular exercise for this particular problem. We were not allowed to use common sense at all. And this is where many get misdirected sometimes with serious detrimental effects.

I have seen time and time again, clients who have had surgeries for joint pain and dysfunction like knee or hip replacements or carpal tunnel syndrome and the surgeries did not turn out so well. Let me explain this to you. I will state a couple of examples so that you get the idea:

-A knee replacement job that looks good on the MRI, the surgeon did a good job at mechanically stabilizing the joint but the knee still does not function and the patient is still in pain. After some thorough bodywork (a real exploration into what tissues are restricted above and below the knee) demonstrates to us that what was keeping the knee structures out of alignment causing deterioration to the structures of the knee were other structures (soft tissue, muscle, fascia, retinaculum) that were spasmed or bound together pulling on the knee in an unbalanced way. Once these tissues were released normal structure and function returned and pain was eliminated. What if this were done BEFORE surgery was the route taken? What if the physical therapists were allowed to do more exploration in the surrounding tissue?

-Unsuccessful carpal tunnel surgery where the patient’s tendons and/or fascia in the wrist were severed only to have no relief at all? Upon proper exploration and following nerve pathways it was discovered that the problem was actually in the cervical area (the neck). Once the muscles in and around the neck were released, pain and dysfunction were eliminated, but now there was permanent damage in the wrist.

My point is this: practitioners should be allowed and encouraged to do what they were taught to do and to use their minds and even their intuition to determine the root cause of the problem, allowing the bony structures and soft tissues to return to balance and avoiding any further deterioration of the bony structures ending in the need for surgery.