Penny’s Doterra! Essential Oils Page

As I am totally committed to Natural Healing, I’m sure you are not surprised that I am involved with essential oils.  They are the REAL medicine in my opinion! Medicines used to come from plants (you know the kind that grow in dirt?) not chemistry labs.  And they still do! So, what is an essential oil?? click on this link:

This is REAL medicine. REAL science that doesn’t attempt to reproduce what only Mother Nature can accomplish.  Trust me, I’ve worked in chemistry labs with brilliant scientists (Biomedical Marine Research using Natural Products for Drug discovery) who were doing their absolute best to synthesize medicines with the same chemical makeup as what was found in nature.  This is a very daunting effort and more often then not, unsuccessful.  Even if there is success and a new drug is put out on the market for a particular disease, as you read labels and listen to the insane pharmaceutical commercials on TV- there are ALWAYS side effects.  So, back to Mother Nature for this Holistic Health Practitioner.  I have been and continue to be my own guinea pig, and I am amazed at what I have been able to correct, heal, accomplish using only essential oils and natural supplements.

So diving into the world of essential oils I have happily landed in DoTerra Land. Why DoTerra?  Because I like their business practices and I like the quality of their products.  And the people are super helpful and all very excited about their products, about their company, and about where their company is headed.

I will be adding to this page my favorite oils and blends including DIY blends for everything from sprained ankles to itchy dogs.  So, check back often!  In the meantime if you need any Doterra Products or would like to become a Doterra Wellness Advocate,  click on this link: (they also have lots of yummy do-it-yourself recipes on this link)

And, as always, if you have any questions – I am at your service– just contact me through the contacts page!

Here’s to Your Vital Health!