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Time for a Tune-up!!

Bowen Therapy is great when you’re hurt, for sure.  It’s also a good idea for maintenance- you know, self care.  We do lots of great things for our bodies here at The Boulevard- tennis, workouts at the gym, stretching, maybe even yoga??  Nothing better than yoga and stretching to help keep us balanced and fully functional and pain-free: EXCEPT Bowen!!

Just like we take our cars in for regular maintenance or we regret it later- same goes for our bodies! If we don’t keep them “balanced and lubed” we are going to regret it later- with injuries.  Trust me, nobody loves stretching and yoga more than me, but Bowen Therapy balances our bodies like nothing else!

Our soft tissues that we hardly even notice- are the most important structures that need to be balanced tension-wise so that we can remain fully functional and pain and damage-free.   Soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and FASCIA (no need to understand the structure just the function) are what keeps the bones where they need to be and gives our joints the room they need so that nerves don’t get impinged, pain doesn’t happen, and we are able to play as much tennis as our hearts desire!

Structure and function have a reciprocal relationship and if our structure isn’t balanced, function deteriorates and we are in pain and not on the courts.  Then there are pills and doctors and oh no- surgery.

So, you want to be one of those “lucky” people that never gets hurt?? Come in for a tune- up regularly!

Yours in Health & Happiness,