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Levels of Consciousness

I’ve been wading through articles on the different levels of consciousness. Most of what I have read is very confusing indeed! Some too technical, too deep into quantum physics, many based on specific Spiritual traditions – and I don’t want to leave anyone out or suggest that one tradition is right and another not so much.

So I’m gong to do my best to introduce the concept here, of 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional consciousness, without the dogma or extreme science. .

Here goes:
In 3rd Dimensional Realty separation is the key word. We believe that everything is separate and that we are separate from each other. We live in a very dense energy that is ego-controlled and fear-based. We also believe in lack. We have to get our piece of the pie before anyone else does. That is where all the competition, warring, and destruction comes from. The thought that I must have more power than you, I have to control others; otherwise they will control me and I will perish. It’s a very root chakra kind of energy. The ego is fighting for its survival. We are run by this fear-based thinking instead of from our 4th chakra that is dominated by love.

4th Dimensional Reality is about moving form fear-based ego stuff to love-based living from the heart space. We begin to develop self-love and love for others. Gratitude begins to fill our hearts and fear is no longer running our lives. We begin to learn who we are and that we are not separate and don’t need to be fearful or competitive. A sense of oneness ensues.

The 4th Dimension is transitional in nature- the journey from dense, fear-based living (which causes all separation between I and the other). We begin to spend less time in fear and more time in love, joy and appreciation. This transitional period can be very confusing. It is a brand new way of living and so our “footing” is not yet established, we are not comfortable here. It challenges everything we have been taught or thought we knew about reality.

In 5th Dimensional Reality the concept of Unconditional Love comes to play. The energy of this dimension is a very high frequency of love. We begin to realize that we are not separate from each other. We cannot be. Self love and compassion dominate. We seem to become one with world and its inhabitants. The ego and its fear-based “reality” is gone and a new reality has been established. Peace, love, and joy reign supreme. We have come out of the insanity of the 3rd dimension. We are now vibrating at a very high frequency, sort of like running “on all cylinders”.

There is no wonder why there is so much chaos in the world today. We are shifting into The Age of Aquarius and out of the Age of Pisces. Sometimes, especially during times of transition, things have to fall apart in order to be birthed into the new. I believe that is what is happening now in the world at large.

Solidly in the Age of Aquarius people will recognize and understand that we are all connected, that the Earth is a living entity as well, and that togetherness, unity, oneness is the true reality, not separation, warring, struggling for personal power, and destroying everything in our wake. It is a huge shift in our collective consciousness. (And not a moment too soon!)

Right now it looks bad and feels even worse but if we can just hold on to the idea that this is a transitional period to a much more loving, kind, and beautiful world where we are caretakers of each other and stewards of our beautiful world- well, that is indeed, something to look forward to.
~There is Hope. Millions of Us Carry the Faith~

Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Nicola Tesla, a famous engineer and physicist (and my favorite) from the 1890’s is quoted in saying, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
As an engineer and Spiritual enthusiast, I get this. Everything is energy, and I mean everything. You, me, the chair you are sitting on, the air you breathe.

You may not feel the energy of the chair you sit on but I’ll bet you feel the energy of someone in line at the grocery store behind you that is just a bit too close. Why? Because we are that. We are energy. We vibrate. And we feel what and who does vibrate at about the same frequency- and we feel what and who does not.

What does this translate to in everyday life? Sometimes a feeling of peace, sometimes a feeling of annoyance, sometimes a feeling of ‘I gotta get out of here right now’! Ever walk into a room full of people and immediately feel stressed or drained? Ever go somewhere in nature and feel a sense of peace? This is because the frequency of the place either matches you- or doesn’t. Pay attention! If you want to feel good, if you want to have a peaceful life, you must pay attention.

You know the people that make you feel drained after being with them. You know the situations that just wear you out. But you might not know why. It is energy baby, and I am telling you this is what it’s all about. This is what makes your life happy or sad.

Try it. Choose to spend some time thinking about where you are at, who you are with and how you feel. Does this place make you feel good? Do these people make you feel worse than you did before you came? Pay attention! I hear you going ‘huh’ during and after this experiment. Then think about it, and them. Why do they make me feel good? (or bad?). Because you either vibrate at their or that level or you do not.

Choosing not to spend time in a situation, an environment or with people that make you feel ‘less’. See what happens. Do you feel better? Less stressed? Less drained? Think about these things. Choose not to be in that environment. Choose not to be with those people, and see how you feel. It’s important, isn’t it? You are important, aren’t you?

Being aware of how people make you feel, being aware of how certain environments make you feel is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for vibrant health, and especially for a joyous life.

~ You Matter!~