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Case Study #3

Client came in after 6 months wearing an orthopedic boot due to fracture of right foot.  The chief complaint was low back, hip and left knee pain.  Visual assessment revealed asymmetry in leg length with the left hip contracted making the appearance of a short left leg.  Palpation showed restrictions in the right jaw.  Following release of the jaw reassessment showed the coccyx deviated to the left.  Once the coccyx was released, additional protocols for the ankles, knees, and pelvic was employed.

The client returned one week later reporting everything felt good.  Another release of the jaw and coccyx was performed along with the ankle procedure.

On the third visit the client presented with tonal symmetry and no discomfort so treatment was terminated.

NOTE:  Often after being required to wear an orthopedic boot the Bowen Technique is required to get the hips in balance (as the boot creates a “longer” leg).  The hips remaining in imbalance creates torque and uneven load on the knees and if left untreated this dysfunction creates deterioration in the knees and pelvic structure.


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