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Sound Therapy- What do you listen to?

Get up. Check the emails. Check the news. Listen to the media. Start your day. Does this sound like you? Ah! Perhaps this is causing you to start your day stressed out! Think about it. Usually, emails get our head going in the “I’ve got so much to do today” mode. Stress. The media ALWAYS puts us in stress mode, whether we choose to deny it or not. There is very rarely any good news there!

Here is an idea. Instead of immediately going into “zombie” mode, make a conscious effort to start your day in silence. Or at least listening to something that soothes your Soul, feels good to your heart, and keeps your mind quiet for a bit. Spend a few minutes meditating, breathing. What we feed ourselves (rather where we direct our brain) first thing in the morning makes all the difference in the world in how we experience our day.

Technology is a wonderful thing if used properly. Listen to an uplifting podcast- there are gazillions of them on YouTube. Make this a habit. Just 30 minutes in the morning can redirect your entire day. So you have to get up 30 minutes in the morning before anyone else in your household.

It’s worth it.